Icarus2The story of Icarus is the ultimate in warnings against being overly prideful.  Finally on their way to freedom, Daedalus warns his son not to fly too high, or the wax holding his wings together will melt.  Icarus, however, does not heed his father’s advice, and in his pride and exhileration flies too close to the sun — and falls to his death in the ocean as his wings fall apart.

The great thing about this patch is that it’s the perfect size to use as a bookmark, too! It is available both in our Etsy shop, and on our website. Additionally, the design is also available on Redbubble as a sticker!

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Just a quick break in my mad last three days of stock building to remind you all that Boston Comic Con is this weekend! We have a pretty cool space in the dealer’s room, which we’ve helpfully circled on the map below to make it easy for you to find us.  We’ve never had a corner space before, so that’s going to be an interesting challenge in setting up, but we’ve hashed out several potential plans on graph paper, and are prepared to make it as awesome as possible.

Hope to see many of you there!

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FortuneTellerWhether your scrying tool of choice is a crystal ball, a deck of cards, palmistry, or tea leaves, fortune telling is not only a skill, but an art form.

This new geek merit badge is available as a patch both in our Etsy shop and on our website, and also as a sticker from Redbubble.

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SilenceBag1At Boston Comic Con next weekend, we’re going to do something totally new for us – we’re going to give away a unique Storied Threads bag TOTALLY for free!  It’s a design that we’ve wanted to make for quite a while now, but it’s complex enough that we worried the cost to our customers would make it unrealistic.  So instead, we made just one, and we’re going to give it away raffle-style at BCC!

This Doctor Who inspired Silence bag came out pretty awesomely, though we did have to play with our usual design in order to make it work. We made our largest size bag, which includes interior padding to provide protection for a laptop or other electronics. But with the embroidery under the front flap, we didn’t have room to include the pocket that we normally do. I was loathe to simply eliminate a pocket, though, so I had to play with the design. I added a small pocket on the one side panel, which is JUST large enough to hold an iPhone 5, or similarly sized item. And I added a large, divided pocket to the interior of the bag, providing a place to be able to store smaller items without them getting lost in the cavernous main compartment.

SilenceBag2Entering our raffle is super easy — find us at the Convention in the dealer’s room, in spaces A701 and A702. Come up, admire the bag (which will be on display) and say, “Hey! Can I have a raffle ticket to win this awesome bag?” And we will give you a ticket. It’s that easy! There’s no purchase necessary, though we will ask that you give us your e-mail so that we can contact you if you win, but are not able to pick up your bag on Sunday.

If you’re actually shopping with Storied Threads at the con, it gets even better. Because for every $10 you spend (before sales tax) will will give you an ADDITIONAL free ticket to the raffle!  Pretty sweet deal, right? You get some awesome swag, and leave with the chance of winning even MORE awesome swag.

SilenceBag4We will be giving away raffle tickets all day Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  The winning ticket will be drawn at 5:00 Sunday, August 2 (one hour before the Dealer’s Room closes). The prize, a Doctor Who inspired Silence bag pictured here, is valued at $80.

DragonRiderThe idea of the dragon rider in fantasy fiction is almost as old as the genre itself. And who among us has never thought about how amazing it would be, to bond with a dragon and fly through the skies with them?  If you’ve ever dreamed of being a dragon rider, then this is the merit badge for you!

This new design is available as a patch both in our Etsy shop and on our website, and it is also available as a sticker on Redbubble.

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Photo Jul 17, 10 49 23 AMI love cosplay. And I especially love when people re-interpret a character, adding their own vision to the costume while still making the character recognizable.  Loki is a perfect character to do this with, since his own appearance – and even gender – changes so frequently within the Marvel universe, so it’s no surprise that he’s one of my favorites. And clearly, judging by two of my favorite cosplays from ConnectiCon, he’s a favorite re-design of other cosplayers as well! I was able to get pictures of the two who, in my head, I dubbed Princess Loki and Biker Chick Loki, and I loved them both so much.

Away Team Science Small 1This messenger bag is the perfect size for your short-duration landing party missions — pack just the essentials! It is made of sturdy cotton canvas, and is embroidered in black thread with the words “Away Team” plus your choice of “Science” (blue), “Engineering” (red) “Security” (red) or “Command” (yellow).

While we’ve only prototyped the Science bag yet, we will be making the other three within the next couple of weeks as well, with an aim to having all four available at Boston Comic Con.  In the meantime, feel free to order the Away Team bag of your choice from our website.

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