It seems I’ve been chatting a lot lately with friends about the upcoming renaissance faire season, so I thought it’d be appropriate to revisit an older design I introduced specifically to sell at faires and to faire enthusiasts.

lion-rampantThe lion rampant is a historical design common in heraldry. The lion symbolizes bravery, nobility, royalty, strength, stateliness, and valor, while the rampant (standing upright) position — called an “attitude” — symbolizes…uh…whether the lion likes playing with big balls of yarn?

(I actually couldn’t find anything that details any symbolism of a heraldic animal’s stance, but if anyone out there knows, feel free to share with the class!)

We offer a classic lion rampant in two sizes: large, for use on a knightly surcoat or on the back of a jacket ($16); and as a small patch, also suitable for modern clothing ($9).

I know it’s traditional for businesses to offer all kinds of awesome discounts on Presidents Day, but the only sale we have going on is our retired design clearance sale.

Head on over to our web store’s clearance item page and you’ll find a selection of designs we’re retiring from our catalog at 50 percent off their original list price. We have very limited quantities of patches, bags, and accessories from our Firefly/Serenity, Game of Thrones, and Doctor Who lines, among others, and once we sell out we won’t be making them available again. It’s first come, first served, so act now!

On Tuesday we unveiled our new Notorious RBG patch, so in keeping with the theme of persistent women, we’d like to spotlight a few designs that should appeal to strong women — and those who stand behind them.

PawneeGoddessesFirst we have the Pawnee Goddess patch ($14), one of our best sellers. Wear this and let everyone know you are a goddess, a glorious female warrior, queen of all that you survey, and enemies of fairness and equality will hear your womanly roar.




Though She Be LittleNext is another favorite among our customers, the “Though she be but little, she is fierce” patch ($7), quoting the great line from Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. The quote is also available on an embroidered bookmark ($8).




poc-superheroEven if you don’t have superhuman abilities, you might be a real-life superhero — someone who gives of herself to benefit others and fights injustice wherever you find it. For you, we have the Superhero Geek Merit Badge ($8). We have four variations, for women and men, for people of color and in Caucasian flesh tone.

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notorious-rbgWe’ve had this design on our to-do list for a long time, but we felt it was finally time to make it a reality.

Ruth Bader Ginsberg has sat on the US Supreme Judicial Court for 23 years. She is the second woman ever appointed to the SJC and has served as a powerful voice on issues such as women’s rights. We’re pleased to finally unveil this design, which portrays Justice Ginsberg is a minimalist graffiti style.

notorious-rbg-shirtYou can by our Notorious RBG patch on our web store for $8, or you can head over to our Redbubble shop to get this image in T-shirts, laptop skins and phone cases, stickers, and other merchandise.



Our view, overlooking the courtyard and the neighboring cemetery.

It’s a quiet, snowy day here in the Storied Threads studios. Massachusetts is getting slammed by winter to the tune of 12 inches (at least) over the course of the day, so we’re taking the opportunity to catch up on some stuff while we enjoy our view and the company of our various fuzzies — all of whom are hard asleep as I write this.

Of course, this means a slight delay in shipping packages since postal service is, for lack of a better term, frozen until the can clear the roads, but we’re well ahead of schedule, so don’t worry, Storied Threads fans — your orders are all on or ahead of schedule!

vine-bookmarkToday’s new item is significant in several ways.

This embroidered bookmark bears an adapted passage from the Bible, specifically Micah 4:4: “They shall all sit under their own vines and under their own fig trees, and no one shall make them afraid.” George Washington used that phrase, or a version of it, in several speeches and pieces of correspondence, and the words appear in the hit musical Hamilton, in the song, “One Last Time.”

Buy it now at our web store for $10.