BeerSnobCan you describe the difference between an ale and a lager? Do you know what Reinheitsgebot means? Can you name more than six kinds of hops? Then celebrate your refined palette with one of our Beer Snob Geek Merit Badges!

This new design is available as a patch on our website, and as a sticker in our Redbubble shop. (Per Redbubble’s guidelines, anything depicting alcohol must be flagged as containing “adult content”, so you may need to give the site permission to show you this sticker. Which seems ridiculous, but there you go.)

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Frankenscarf1Whenever we make a batch of scarves, we’re left with a flannel remnant at the end of the fabric. These pieces aren’t nearly long enough to make another scarf, but they’re also too big for me to feel good about throwing away, and so I stick them up on a shelf thinking, “Eventually I’ll have a use for that”.

Of course, I never do, and they just accumulate up there.

Last week, I decided that they were going to get put to use, by gum! So I pulled all my flannel remnants down, sorted and ironed them, and invented the Frankenscarf! Each of these scarves is made of 6.5 to 7.5 feet of flannel stripes, and top stitched in black for that extra bit of Frankenstein goodness.

Frankenscarf2I haven’t yet decided whether these will go up on the website — I feel like it would be a “you get a random color/stripe pattern” sort of thing, and I’m not sure how people would feel about that. But right now, I have six scarves, in two different stripe patterns, which will be coming with me to Super Megafest this weekend. And I plan to have even more made by the OtherWhere Holiday Affair on December 6, so I hope you like them!

InterrobangWhat do you mean you’ve never heard of the interrobang‽ Well, that’s probably because although it was invented in 1966 as a single character to represent an emphatic or shocked question, it never lasted as more than a fad. Using the multiple character “?!” remains the common punctuation to end those kinds of interrogatives. That said, though, the interrobang is pretty cool, and we thought it deserved it’s own patch.

This new design is available as a patch on our website, and also as a sticker at Redbubble.

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BadWolf1Sometimes, society demands that you wear a tie. So why not wear one that proudly displays the things you love? And the Doctor certainly knows how to dress to impress!

This tie is 100% silver silk, on which I have embroidered the words “Bad Wolf” in a graffiti font across a randomly tiled wall. It is available on our website, and will be available for purchase at Super Megafest next weekend.

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TARDIS Christmas stockings make a great holdiday decoration -- if you order soon enough!

TARDIS Christmas stockings make a great holdiday decoration — if you order soon enough!

I know, I know, we’re supposed to leave Christmas discussions at the door until after Thanksgiving. But if you’re planning to shop hand made for your loved ones this holiday season, that may be too late!

Everything we sell at Storied Threads is made-to-order.  That means that if you order patches, you can expect them to ship 7 to 10 days after you place your order.  And if you’re ordering something larger, like scarves or bags, they won’t ship for approximately three weeks!  So while patches make great stocking stuffers or small Hanukkah gifts, and laptop bags are fantastic large presents — please plan ahead!

Here are important dates to bear in mind when shopping with us this holiday season, if you want your order to arrive by December 25:

US Domestic shoppers must order patches no later than December 9, and larger items no later than December 1.
International shoppers must order patches no later than November 20, and I can make no guarantees on larger oreders arriving before the holidays due to construction time.

If you need your holiday order to arrive by a certain date, PLEASE mention this to me in your order! And if you are shopping close to your deadline, please send me a message before you shop, to see if I can accommodate your needs.

This is a busy shopping season, as everybody knows.  And if you’re shopping at Best Buy or Amazon, you can probably put that off until the very last minute.  But companies like Storied Threads are a whole other thing. Support your small crafters and local businesses, and shop early this holiday season!

MiskatonicU2Phew! It’s been a while since we last got a new item up!  We’ve been super busy with shows lately, having just finished the Connecticut Renaissance Faire and Rhode Island Comic Con. And there’s no rest for the weary! We have Super Megafest coming up in less than two weeks, and then the OtherWhere Holiday Affair right after Thanksgiving.

Today’s new item is one of three new ties we prepped before RICC — the Miskatonic University necktie! Sometimes, society demands that you wear a tie. So why not wear one that proudly displays the things you love? And H. P. Lovecraft and the students at Miskatonic University certainly knows how to make an impression, if nothing else.

This tie is 100% green silk, on which I have embroidered the phrase “Miskatonic U”. You can find it on our website, and at upcoming shows while my on-hand supplies last!

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2015-11-03 10.39.54We just finished three new tie designs this week, which we will debut at Rhode Island Comic Con this weekend!  We haven’t had time yet to get them listed on the website, but we’ll get to that early next week so that you can officially order them.  In the meantime, we will have three of each of these new designs on hand this weekend, so if you’ll be at RICC, be sure to stop in and check them out!


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