ArcaneLoreThe best books are the hardest to find. Buried in used bookstores and the locked rooms of libraries, full of secrets and whispers and bound in who-knows-what. Just be careful – some pages are best left unread.

This new Geek Merit Badge design is available as a patch in our Etsy shop and on our website, and is available as a sticker on Redbubble.

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PawneeGoddessesIn the last week or so, we’ve had a massive run on our Pawnee Goddess patches — so much so that one of our machines is doing nothing today EXCEPT making those. And many of the people who have ordered them have mentioned to us that it will be for their Halloween costume, which made us realize — it’s almost Halloween!  With all of the excitement getting ready for the Connecticut Renaissance Faire, we nearly forgot! We have quite a few patches that can provide the finishing touch to a costume, so I thought I’d do a quick post to highlight a few of them for you.

SMart AshS-Mart Name Badge

Thinking of doing an Evil Dead / Army of Darkness inspired costume? Our S-Mart name badge patch is the perfect finishing touch! With this one addition, you likely even have the rest of what you’d need right in your closet, making for a fairly inexpensive and easy Halloween costume.

Camp Crystal Lake BloodyCamp Crystal Lake Counselor

Continuing in a horror movie vein, we also offer Camp Crystal Lake Counselor patches.  In fact, this design is available in two variations — the clean version, from when camp is new and fresh and fun. And the blood spattered mid-massacre version, pictured here. Add this patch to a polo shirt and pair it with some khaki shorts or jeans, and you instantly become a counselor at the  most doomed summer camp in the country.

PendragonPendragon Heraldry

For those of you who prefer an Arthurian-themed costume, we have the Pendragon shield. The perfect addition to a surcoat, cloak, or wherever you’d like to wear your heraldic device, and proclaiming yourself the once and future king of England.

Captain Hammer Patch

Another easy one to pull from your closet! All you need is a black t-shirt, some black gloves, and a pair of jeans. Add our Captain Hammer patch to the front of your shirt, and voila – instant costume!

CaptainHammerIt’s important, though, to remember that Storied Threads is a small business, and all of our patches are made to order.  If you do need something for a Halloween costume, I have several pieces of advice.
1) Order NOW.
2) Include Priority shipping. First class is slower, and does not include tracking info.
3) When you place your order, please tell me it’s for a Halloween costume! And if the party you’re going to is earlier than the 31st, let me know that as well.  If I don’t know you need it on a schedule, I can’t make efforts to ensure you have it on time.

Happy Halloween, everybody!

Harley QuinnThis fun scarf, a double-sided red and black scarf with contrasting diamond designs, is stylish enough for a night of mayhem with your gal pal Poison Ivy but warm enough to keep you cozy during a close encounter with Mr. Freeze.

This scarf is made of red and black cotton flannel and embroidered with a trio of diamonds on each end. It is available on our website, and will be available at the Connecticut Renaissance Faire this weekend.

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When I began Storied Threads, I was building on the love of costume design that I had developed working with Pastimes Entertainment.  I loved creating unique costumes and garments, and so began my company intending to sell unique garb at renaissance faires.  To me, it seemed like a natural progression.

SK Tent 2

My tent at my second show, Silver Kingdom 2007.

As with any new business, things started off small. VERY small. My first every faire was Festival of the Lion in 2007, where I set up my minimal stock in an EZ-Up style tent and quickly learned that there’s more to selling garb than just being there.  If I recall correctly, I left that show having sold a single pirate sash, and a single sideless surcoat.

Not to be deterred however, I learned what worked and what didn’t, gradually increased my stock, refined over the years how my items were displayed, figured out what sold and what didn’t.

And then, in 2011, I bought my first embroidery machine, and everything changed.

I mean, not all at once, don’t get me wrong. But I began making patches, and then I began making messenger bags and scarves. I found ways to tap into pop culture and geek culture, and to create my own original designs.  And slowly but surely, that part of my business became MOST of my business — and allowed me to leave my day job to do this full time.

The Storied Threads tent last fall, sporting a much different look than our early set-up!

The Storied Threads tent last fall, sporting a much different look than our early set-up!

I started vending fewer ren faires, and more and more pop culture conventions. And it reached a point where I was only making garb for two events a year — but the garb for those two events ate up nearly a third of my time in the studio.  The more I thought about it, the less practical this seemed, and I realized that the next step for Storied Threads was to streamline our production, and focus on only one direction.  And it seemed clear to me that I was going to have to stop vending at ren faires in order to make that happen.

This past Sunday, we went down to North Haven to set up our tent for the Connecticut Renaissance Faire, which I predicted would be my penultimate faire. When we got there, I made a point of speaking to the owners first thing, to let them know what I had been thinking. I’ve been working with them for a long time now, both as a vendor and as a sometimes costume designer for their shows, and I felt they deserved to hear this news before anybody else.

And then they totally surprised me. After talking amongst themselves, and discussing they pros and cons, they made me an offer — if I stayed as a vendor at the Connecticut Faires, they would let me set up a tent that was based solely in the kinds of embroidered geekery that I sell at cons.  I’ll be selling patches, bags, scarves, even ties and bowties, and phasing out the garb I offer entirely.

What this means for my customers is that the garb that I currently have cut and prepped is the LAST clothing I will make for sale at faires.  Additionally, a lot of what I have in stock will be discounted, some of it quite dramatically, so that I can clear it out to make room for our new business model.

Whether this will be a successful endeavor or not remains to be seen. I don’t yet know if I can make the kind of sales that I need to at a faire, selling only this kind of merchandise. But I hope that I can. And I’m extremely grateful to the Connecticut Renaissance Faire management for being so willing to work with me, and to help me try to make it successful for both of us.

That sort of thing is why this Faire is family to me.

See? Family.  (Photo by Lauren Dubois.)

See? Family.
(Photo by Lauren Dubois.)

CaskOfAmontilladoA man can only take so many insults to himself and to his family, you know? There comes a time when it cannot be overlooked anymore, and you just need to seal up the offender behind a wall of brick.

This new design, inspired by Edgar Allen Poe’s short story “The Cask of Amontillado”, is available as a patch in both our Etsy store and on our website. It is also available as a sticker, an iPhone case, and a variety of other items in our Redbubble shop.

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TelltaleHeart2You know that feeling, when there’s something you desperately need to keep secret? And the more you talk to the person in front of you, the more convinced you are that they absolutely know you’re lying, and can see the guilt written all over your face?

Yeah. Edgar Allen Poe knew that feeling, too.

The great thing about our embroidered bookmarks — besides just being awesome bookmarks — is that are still fully functional as sew-on patches, too! Use it to hold your place in your favorite novel, or sew it on a bag or jacket to show your literary loves to the world.

In addition to being available on Etsy and on our website as a bookmark, this new design is also available on Redbubble as a sticker.

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Illuminati1Or, as we’ve come to call it, the IlluminaTIE. Ba-dum-tsh.

Sometimes, society demands that you wear a tie. So why not wear one that proudly displays the things you love? And secret world-controlling cabals certainly know the value of being well accessorized. So what theme could be better to sport on your own accessories?

This tie is 100% money-green silk, embroidered with the symbol of the Illuminati in black and gray. It is available in our Etsy shop, and on our website.

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