HagridsBikeI try to post fun things on Fridays — flashback pictures, something that made me laugh, posting about a hobby that has nothing to do with sewing or embroidery. That kind of thing. Some weeks, it’s easy to think of a subject to write about, and other weeks I really struggle. This week fell in the latter category, until yesterday, when my sister Tori posted a Throwback Thursday picture of us at the Harry Potter Studio Tour outside London a couple of years ago. I loved seeing that picture out of the blue so much, I decided that this week’s post would simply be a series of pictures from that vacation. I hope you like them!

One of our longest running signature lines here at Storied Threads is our Geek Merit Badges. We began this line back in 2011, and have been steadily adding to it over the last five years, until today it contains 42 different designs! 42 seeming like a significant number, I decided to focus todays Theme Thursday post on some of my favorites.

Evil GeniusThe Evil Genius patch features a great piece of art drawn by my husband, Mike.  I had a complex vision in mind when I thought of this, and spent hours drawing this crazy big-headed guy with his breain all exposed and a lopsided grin, but Mike wasn’t a fan. So I asked him what he would draw – and five minutes later, he had this sketch to me rendered mostly in silhouette. It’s much simpler, and yet conveys so much more Evil Genius-ness than mine ever did!

DragonRiderThe Dragon Rider is another of my favorites. It was my first attempt at drawing any kind of animal for our embroidery, and I am pleased with the dragon’s ability to look both appropriately fierce and happy to be spending quality time with his rider. My success with this dragon eventually led me towards our small kawaii line, and even to drawing a full dragon and playing with digital coloring. That last wasn’t any kind of artistic masterpiece, but it was still fun to do!

SuperheroAllI’m proud of our Superhero patch, not only because of the great artwork – again drawn by Mike – but also because of our attempt to introduce diversity. Our superheroes are available as both men and women, and as both Caucasians and people of color.  They’ve gotten a great reception at conventions from people who are both surprised and delighted to find superheroes being portrayed in a variety of ways.

UFOlogistRBAll of our geek merit badges are also available in our Redbubble shop as stickers.  You can purchase them as small as 3″ in diameter, or as large as a whopping 14″ in diameter, and several sizes in between. So if you’re not into stitching onto a jacket or bag, but you are into personalizing your notebooks, laptop, or bedroom walls, we’ve got you covered. In a select few cases, such as theMagician or Steampunk designs, you can even get just the artwork without the text.

CryptozoologistRBAnd a very few of our Geek Merit Badges – specifically the Cryptozoologist and Bibliophile – have even been reworked as non-circular variations that can be purchased on t-shirts, phone cases, and more products from Redbubble.

This is just a small sampling of the Geek Merit Badges we currently offer. Be sure to keep an eye on it as time goes on – we’re not done yet!

PickmanLaptop1Are you afraid of the dark? Of subterranean spaces? Screams of terror and demonic figures? No? Then the Pickman School of Art is the perfect place for you to hone your craft! Inspired by HP Lovecraft’s short horror story “Pickman’s Model”, this bag is made of a sturdy cotton canvas with black strapping.

Our laptop bags have an interior measurement of 16.5″ wide by 11.5″ tall and 3.5″ deep. They feature a wide elastic band against the back wall, to hold your laptop or other electronics securely in place while leaving room for other items in front.

This laptop bag is available in our Etsy shop and on our website.

Click here to buy one!


Owen as a 4 month old kitten, helping me organize my patches.

Three years ago this week, our youngest cat, Owen, came to live with us. We had recently lost our cat Riley, and when a co-worker of Mike’s had a 4 month old who needed a home, he decided to do what he’d done for Riley so many years before, and make sure that Owen had a place he would always be loved.

The three cats we already had were various shades of orange, and so when this little gray tiger cat came home, we quickly dubbed him the Combo Breaker Cat.  And every day since then, he’s proved himself to be full of love. He likes to have his belly rubbed, and he likes to snuggle — although he doesn’t seem to love it when I try to spontaneously kiss his head.

OwenWritingBuddyOwen has become Mike’s regular writing buddy, and rather than sitting on his lap where he might get in the way, he snugs up next to him and reclines across his lap, looking for all the world like he’s reading what Mike is typing. He’s our big cat, with a tiny meow, and a loud purr, and he’s just one of the reasons our home is filled with love.


Reading a book with cover art by Patricia Lupien, while waring a t-shirt from her Redbubble shop.

Welcome to the latest installment of our ongoing series, Sharing the Love. There are a lot of small and independent artists out there working in all sorts of mediums — writers, painters, jewelry makers, leather crafters, actors…this list could go on and on. And it turns out, I know and admire an awful lot of them!

I’ve known Patricia Lupien for almost 15 years now. She and my husband, Michael Bailey, had been friends for years, and shortly after he and I started dating, he asked me to be his plus one to her wedding, for which he was a groomsman.  And years later, when he and I got married, Tricia was his Best Woman in our wedding party. So it’s no wonder that when he found himself in need of a cover artist for his new book series, Action Figures, Patricia wa the first person he thought of. Since then, she has done the cover art for seven books for him, and is working on number eight.


As soon as I have some money, I am so buying this dress from Patricia’s shop!

In addition to being a fantastic illustrator, Patricia is a graphic designer to be reckoned with a variety of text art and more abstract design available in her Redbubble shop alongside her amazing illustrations. No matter what your personal tastes are, she likely has something that will appeal to your sense of fun!

BulldogLoverIf you’ve been following Storied Threads on any of our social media, it should come as no surprise that we’ve decided to make a bulldog design. And even less of a surprise that the design is based on our own bulldog, Beatrix. We’re pretty big fans of bulldogs and their smooshy, kissable faces!

This new design is available as a patch in our Etsy shop and on our website, and as a sticker in our Redbubble shop.  And Beatrix’s adorable face is available at Redbubble without the text on t-shirts, phone cases, throw pillows, and more!



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