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First off — many congratulations to Patricia, the winner of our caption contest! Her winning entry was:

She could forgive that he marooned her for a year. She could forgive that he stole her father’s treasure. She could even forgive that he forgot her birthday.

But when he drank her private whiskey stash, that was the last straw.

It was a close contest — each of the entries had its time to pull ahead as the voting went on. Thank you to everybody who participated, it was a lot of fun for us, and we hope it was for you, too!

The Storied Threads tent in the woods at Winslow Farm.

In other news, this past weekend was Winslow Shire Renaissance Faire. I wrote about this faire a few weeks ago, and about Winslow Farm, which does such a wonderful job of caring for so many  animals in need of rescue.  We had a great time at the faire, and I’m so glad we were able to go back this year.  Every patron we talked to was just enchanted with the show and with the farm, and seemed to be having a great time.

Mike at Winslow Shire.

I got to have my husband, Mike, with me to vend at this show, which is a rare treat. Usually, he’s busy performing and such, and I get to see him only sporadically throughout the day.  Mike, displaying one of the qualities that make me love him so much, was completely enamored with the animals there, and made several pilgrimages out to visit with them and take pictures of the goats, sheep, pigs, cats, and anything else that would stand still long enough to be photographed.

Me and my awesome Codex doll from Geeky and Cheeky.

I got to see quite a lot of friends there as well, including Geeky and Cheeky, out for only their second time at a faire. I was really happy that they did so well — they were selling puppets faster than they could make them, and I saw them all over the site! I myself coudn’t resist buying this Codex doll. (You know who Codex is, right? If you don’t, please go watch The Guild now. Then come back and finish reading.)


And finally, I want to introduce you all to Wizard. Wizard is a black pug, and I very nearly snuck him home in my luggage, as it were. He was very sweet, and when I went to give him scritches, simply sat down and leaned back against my legs in a way that clearly said, “You are mine now. I will sit here for hours, and let you love on me.” If I hadn’t had a job to do, I probably would have stayed there for hours, too.


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Well, Kate and I have narrowed your entries down to our top three captions.  It was tough — there were a lot of good posts for this! But now, it all comes down to you, the reader.  Which caption should win the $15 gift certificate to Storied Threads?

For reference, here is the awesome ad again, so you have some context.

And here is the poll! Vote, and share the link so more people can vote!

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Caption Contest

My assistant, Kate, and I were looking at the new Storied Threads ad for Renaissance Magazine’s directory.   It’s a great ad, one that really embodies the “Clothing That Tells Your Story” slogan, using a picture taken by Kyle Cassidy.

Kate said: It’s like Jen is saying “I just killed this pirate, and looked fabulous doing it!”
I said: And then she follows it up with “Anybody else want to fuck with me?”
Kate said: Or “This is what you get if you spill rum on my new Storied Threads jacket.”

And then it hit us — this picture just CRIES OUT for a captioning contest!  So, here’s the deal boys and girls. Post your caption in the comments section on this post. (Multiple entries are allowed.)  The deadline for submissions is Friday, June 17, 11:59 pm.

Over the weekend, Kate and I will go through all of the no doubt awesome entries, and pick our top three favorites.

On Monday, June 20, I will post the top three right here, on this VERY BLOG — for you to vote on. That’s right, the readers will choose the final winner.

And the winner — will get a $15 gift certificate to Storied Threads!

Pretty sweet, right? So — here’s the ad. Caption away!

P S – Don’t forget to share this link on Facebook and Twitter so a million people see it — the more entries there are, the more fun it will be!

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In a few weeks (June 25 and 26), Storied Threads will be vending at Winslowshire Renaissance Faire.  Winslowshire is a fairly small faire, but it’s one that benefits a very good cause, and I want to tell you a bit about it.

My husband, Mike, with one of Winslow Farm's goats.


This faire is held at Winslow Farm in Norton, MA.  Winslow Farm is an animal sanctuary — they rescue animals of all kinds from bad situations, and give them a good home.  And when I say “animals of all kinds”, I really mean it — they have cats, dogs, goats, horses, pigs, peacocks, and many more.  When you come to Winslowshire, you not only have the experience of a really lovely Faire, but you also get to see the farm, and many of the animals who call it home.  The Faire is a benefit for the farm, helping to raise money to help keep it running. Keeping this many animals isn’t easy, and Winslowshire Faire is a wonderful way to help them accomplish their goals.

Waterford getting a hose bath.

Winslow Farm is such a nice place, in fact, that I’ve been back there simply to walk around and show it to guests who were visiting. We always meet animals with such personality while we’re there. The first time we ever went, to set up our tent for the 2009 show, we met Waterford the Pig. Waterford is quite large, and had somehow gotten out of his pen, though at the time I didn’t realize he was an escapee. He and my husband took an immediate shine to each other, and Waterford spent some minutes butting his head against Mike’s legs and playing with him. He’s an impressive animal — but was very gentle for his size, and Mike simply fell in love with him.

On another visit, with my mother and sister, we met Mervin. Mervin is a goat who sort of adopted us. He was out in the main yard when we got there, and as we toured the farm, he simply followed us. When we stopped, he stopped, and when

Mike and I with Mervin.

we started walking again, Mervin went with us.  In the end, he suffered to have his picture taken with us, because we’d become such good friends.

I definitely hope to see you at Winslowshire in a few weeks — come enjoy a great faire, benefit a fantastic cause, and meet all the animals!

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