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Quite a while ago, I had an idea to do a “Rude, and not ginger” patch. And like ideas do sometimes, it stuck around in my head while I tried to figure out what it should actually look like.  Eventually, I decided it needed to actually have Ten on it — but in a minimalist way that would lend itself nicely to embroidery. I was a little daunted by the idea — I’d never attempted to work from a reference photo before, and I wasn’t sure how to begin.  In the end, though, the patch worked quite well — and then I set the minimalist style aside, and forgot about it.


It wasn’t until recently, when I was inspired by the “Thor: the Dark World” trailer to make my “When Do We Start?” patch that I realized how much fun I could have with this style. It wasn’t long after this that the first trailer for “Agents of SHIELD” was unveiled, and I knew I needed to make a “Welcome to Level 7” patch. When I mentioned it to my husband, he said, “You could always do it the same way you did the Loki patch,” and suddenly I was off.


In the midst of working on the Coulson patch, I suddenly had an epiphany. There was a quote of Tyrion Lannister’s that I’d been wanting to put on a patch for at least a year — “Wear it like armor, and it can never be used to hurt you.”  In all that time, though, how the quote should be used, and how it should look, had eluded me. Suddenly I found myself no longer blocked.



By the time “Star Trek Into Darkness” opened in theaters, and I found myself inspired by Sulu’s speech to John Harrison, it didn’t even require thought anymore. Of COURSE I would do a minimalist Sulu!  It was obvious!



At this point, I am officially in love with this style. I search the internet for a good reference image to work from, figure out where my blocks of color are and where my small amounts of detail need to be placed, and before long patches are born.  

It doesn’t mean that ALL of my patches will be done in this style, of course.  There are plenty of new ones being made every week that use a variety of styles, depending on what seems appropriate.  But I can guarantee, you’re going to see this style come up in my shop quite a bit.



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