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This weekend, I’ll be vending at ConnectiCon in Hartford, CT.  It’s only the second con I’ll have done, and I’m taking a slightly different approach to it than I did to Arisia back in January.

ImageFor Arisia, I limited my stock to small accessories, and that worked really well for me there.  Patchess, bags, scarves, but none of the garb that I stock at renaissance faires.  But when I applied to vend ConnectiCon, the organizers mentioned specifically that they liked some of my clothing, and had nothing like it — especially when it came to men’s clothing.

So, some very specific selections of clothing will be making their way into my stock for this show! I’m focusing on the pieces that are either a bit steampunk, like Victorian vests, or which are pretty definitively cosplay, like the Marvel and Game of Thrones surcoats.

ImageIn addition to that, I’ll be debuting embroidered neckties and geeky bowties for the first time at this show. The neckties have been up in my Etsy shop for a while, although I have a few new Game of Thrones designs as well as the ones listed there. And the bow ties — designed and made by Kate — will be available for the very first time ever, in Superman and Batman prints.

So come visit us at ConnectiCon! The Dealer’s Room is open Friday from noon to 8:00, Saturday from 11:00 to 7:00 and Sunday from 10:00 to 4:00. 

See you there!


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