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Normally, I like Christmas to come in its own time. I hate it when stores put out their Christmas stuff before Halloween has come and gone, I roll my eyes at Christmas ads before Thanksgiving, and don’t get me started on radio stations that switch to all-Christmas music formats on November 1.

That said, I started prepping for Christmas back in October out of sheer necessity. As a small business, the holiday shopping season is as important to me as it is to a national chain store, perhaps even more so, but I don’t have its resources in terms of manpower; I make everything myself, so I had to let people know nice and early that if they wanted to order from me for Christmas, they should do so…well, nice and early.

This week starts what I expect to be my last big sales push of the season, and I’m going to start by offering a special discount on all orders placed in the next two weeks (now through November 30). Go to my Etsy shop and use the coupon code HOLIDAY to get 15% off your total order.

If you’re overwhelmed by the selection, let me offer a few suggestions. Many of these items are in-stock and ready to be sent out, but others are made-to-order, so better order now!

ChokerTARDIS6This is the TARDIS choker, a lace choker featuring a TARDIS charm. It’s one of my more popular chokers in our line, which includes pieces inspired by Supernatural, Harry Potter, and The Hunger Games.











ScarfSupernatural5Speaking of Supernatural, the Winchesters’ anti-possession tattoo is featured on this winter scarf, made of warm cotton flannel.















ScarfLokisArmy4For fans of villains, we have this Loki’s Army scarf, a new version of an old design (which you can still find at shows).













AwayTeamEngineering1bTake a look at the latest edition of our line of bags, Star Trek-inspired Away Team bags, sized and padded for Tricorders…I mean, tablet computers. They’re available in three colors: yellow for command, blue for science, and red for engineers (although, for Next Generation fans, I can easily put the command logo on a red bag).









We also have bags bearing the Doctor’s name in circular Gallifreyan in all three styles: regular messenger, tablet computer, and laptop.







TimeLord1More Doctor-inspired fashion! We offer silk neckties bearing designs from Doctor Who: the Seal of Rassilon, and the Time Lord seal — and this is in addition to designs based on A Game of Thrones, and Supernatural.














PatchBelieveOf course, we have literally hundreds of patches inspired by many different fandoms, and these make great stocking stuffers! My customers love the X-Files-inspired I Want to Believe patch, which is once again on-track to be my top seller of the year.












PatchStarkThe House Stark patch, inspired by A Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire, is perfect for wintertime gift-giving.












PatchBakerStThis patch, based on the London Underground’s sign for the Baker Street stop, is great for displaced Britons and fans of Sherlock alike (and remember, season three of the excellent BBC show starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman returns in January!).




PatchOddsRoseThe next episode of The Hunger Games trilogy, Catching Fire, hits the screen this Friday, so why not grab one of these May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favor patches?













PatchHeartsFinally, for fans of the Legend of Zelda video games, here is a patch featuring Link’s heart container gauge.



Thanks once again for your patronage this holiday season!


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Storied Threads at Rhode Island ComicCon

Storied Threads at Rhode Island ComicCon

It took a few days, but we’ve finally recovered from Rhode Island ComicCon and hard at work on the Christmas rush.

RICC continued our streak of positive con experiences. We got off to a slightly shaky start when we discovered our space was not — as we assumed it would be, based on our experiences at Arisia and ConnectiCon — a full ten-foot-by-ten-foot cubicle, but a ten-by-six space, which forced us to get creative with our layout.

But we made it work, and in the end, our sales were excellent — so much so that I’ve already decided to get a double-wide space next year to improve the layout, make sure all our items are very visible, and improve conditions for our customers by giving them a little more space to shop.

This Mad Hatter cosplay may have been my favorite of the weekend.

This Mad Hatter cosplay may have been my favorite of the weekend.

A few notable added bonuses of the Rhode Island show: we got some Christmas shopping done and spread the wealth among some of our fellow vendors; we made a few new friends; we got to see some pretty cool outfits among the cosplayer crowd; and both my husband and I had nice chats with professional cosplayer Riddle, one of the con’s many guests.

Oh, and we got to go home for dinner instead of staying overnight in a hotel. It was a small perk, but it made a great weekend even better.

Overall, it capped off what I’d call a very successful year experimenting with pop culture conventions. Until this year, Storied Threads had only done renaissance faires and a few small craft shows, and it was a calculated risk that pop-culture conventions would work for us, but the risk has proven worth it.

Next year, we’re hoping to expand our con calendar by adding Boston ComicCon and SuperMegaFest, and the challenge there will be building enough stock to keep us going, because both shows are in close proximity to our regular faires. That leaves us little time in-between shows to replace out-of-stock items, but I’m going to think positively. We will make this work!

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