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We have quite a few items in our shop that were inspired by Sherlock Holmes – both the original Arthur Conan Doyle stories, and the current television series starring Benedict Cumberbatch. With the new holiday special airing tomorrow on both sides of the pond, we thought we’d highlight a few of those for you today.

The Game is On Patch

In the nineteenth century, the game may have been afoot. Today? The game is on!

This sew-on patch was inspired by Benedict Cumberbatch’s portrayal of Sherlock Holmes, and depicts the famous detective in a minimalist style, stitched on off-white cotton canvas.

Baker Street RachelBaker Street Scarf

In addition to being available as a patch and on bags, our embroidered Baker Street Tube sign is available on a warm flannel scarf. Whether you’re in London or not, it’s bound to get cold eventually. So show your love of Sherlock Holmes, and London in general, with this warm and cozy accessory!

Consulting Detective Patch

This design definitely hearkens back to Holmes’s Victorian roots, rather than the character’s more modern interpretations.  We’ve kept the text simple, declaring only the profession by which Holmes defines himself, Over that is a magnifying glass, searching for clues. The text is, appropriately, distorted and enlarged under the glass.

Consulting DetectiveMany other Sherlock-themed items can be found in their own category on our website. And who knows what 2016 will bring – what do you think, should we add more?


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Earlier this year, I wondered if I would even do this post. The last three years that we’ve done it the number one and two spots have been, respectively, the X-Files “I Want to Believe” patch and our Plague Survivor patch. I felt like I was starting to repeat myself.  And then, the unthinkable happened — a newcomer to our line torpedoed it’s way to the top spot! So, here it is — the Storied Threads top sellers of 2015!

PawneeGoddessesIn first place – Pawnee Goddesses Patch

We introduced this patch in April of this year, and it was an isnstant hit. It quickly showed itself to be a contender, despite lacking three full months of sales for the year, and October proved to be the tipping point, with dozens of orders filled for people who wanted to be a Pawnee Goddess for Halloween.

It was so popular that later that summer, we also introduced a Pawnee Goddesses messenger bag, with the badge stitched on a purple background to match the vests worn by the girls in the episode.

Second and third places this year were…a bit more predictable.

I Want To BelieveIn second place – X-Files “I Want to Believe Patch”

For three years running, this patch has hel the number one spot in our top sellers, and the upcoming TV revival has made certain that people were still interested in it. Not one to take defeat at the hands of a newcomer lying down, this patch managed to hold onto a tenuous silver medal finish for the year – but only just! To date we have sold exactly ONE more of these patches than we have our third place finisher.  Which means that it’s entirely possible that by the time the ball drops in Times Square Thursday night, these two could well have switched places.

Which brings me to:

Plague SurvivorIn third place – Plague Survivor Geek Merit Badge

Our geek merit badge line has become our signature line of patches, with 38 patches currently available, and more to come! While they are consistently good sellers as a group, the Plague Survivor has managed to be the most popular of them for four years running now.

Rounding out the top ten in our patches were the Mad Scientist Geek Merit Badge, Valar Morghulis, Though She Be But Little, Final Girl Geek Merit Badge, #bgsd (which will provide a nice donation to the Girls Leadership Institute later this week), Knope/Wyatt 2016, and the Rocky Horror Picture Show “Anticipation” patch.

DoctorWhoCountdownOf course, we make awesome embroidered things besides patches as well, though not in as great quantity.  Doctor Who was the big winner in both the messenger bag and in necktie categories. Our Doctor’s Name messenger bag came in first in that category by a landslide, dominating sales in all three bag sizes. And the Seal of Rassilon and Time Lord Seal ties managed a dead heat for first place there, with a combined total that figured for more than 25% of our total tie sales.

Harley QuinnOur scarves gave first place in sales for the year to another newcomer — the Harley Quinn scarf, which we introduced in October, managed to just squeak out a top place finish for that category! The unique double-sided finish to this scarf, combined with the popularity of the character, allowed it to rocke to first place in just three months of sales.

With two new designs upsetting the scales in 2015, it makes me even more excited to do as many awesome new things as we can for next year. Let’s see what 2016 will bring us!

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Valknut1Sometimes, society demands that you wear a tie. So why not wear one that proudly displays the things you love? And the Vikings certainly knew the value of being well accessorized. So what theme could be better to sport on your own accessories?

This tie is 100% silver silk, embroidered with a Norse Valknut in shades of gray and black, and is available in our Etsy shop and on our website.

Click here to buy one!

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XmasBeatrixMerry Christmas from Storied Threads! We’ve been happily spending time with family and friends, and I hope all of you are able to do so, too — no matter what holiday you may celebrate!

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Sometimes, new embroidery ideas come together on the first try and are amazing. Other times….they take some more work.


The Hairy Chupacabra

As I mentioned when I first posted our Kawaii Fox as a new item, the idea of doing an adorable sleeping fox had been in my head for a while. I’ve been working on my drawing skills, and it was so solid looking in my brain that I decided to play with the idea and do some sketching. So, while watching TV one evening with Mike, I broke out my sketchbook and pencil and got to work. And I honestly thought that I knew what I was doing — until I finished, and declared that what I had intended as a fox looked more like a hairy chupacabra.

Mike looked at it and said, “…maybe you should try looking at some pictures of foxes as reference.”  And then I was so amused by my chupacabra that I shared him on my personal Facebook page, and my artist friend Patricia Lupien said, “If you want it more foxy, look at some reference photos.”


Actual Adorable Fox

So, having received the same good artist advice not once but twice, I did just that. Sitting in a Town Fair Tire halfway between New York City and Boston right after Thanksgiving, I decided to use the unexpected down time to my advantage, googled fox pictures, and filled up two pages of my small travel sketchbook with rough drawings, getting a feel for the shape of their head, how they hold their tail, stuff like that. And once home, I re-drew my fox with MUCH better, more foxy, results.


The first embroidery simulation

Next up was the task of digitizing the drawing, to prepare it to be embroidery.  I originally prepped it just as I had drawn it — but when it was done, we still weren’t quite happy. Mike felt that the white circles around his eyes made his face look more like a raccoon than a fox, for example. And he suggested some other more minor changes that improved the design for the better in the finished product.

FoxAnd here he is! The end result of all that sketching, re-sketching, digitizing, and re-digitizing. Our kawaii fox! I’m extraordinarily happy with the end result. While he’s only available so far as a patch, I have ideas to maybe do a messenger bag as well. And am so happy with my success that you shouldn’t be surprised if other adorable animals join him on our website. Perhaps a sloth next…..

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RedRidingHoodFairy tales have been a part of my culture for centuries, since long before the Grimm brothers began collecting them and writing them down. They’ve changed — oftentimes edited by the Grimms themselves — and been re-told and re-imagined so many times it’s difficult to keep track of them all. And yet in each one, there are images and moments that are iconic, and which always stay with us, through all the re-tellings.

This design shows the first meeting of Little Red Riding Hood with the Wolf, shown in minimalist style against a wooded backdrop. It is available as a patch on our website, and on many items – including  stickers, laptop sleeves, pencil skirts, and more – over in my Redbubble shop.

Click here to buy one!

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