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StarkI’ve been reading George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series almost since it began, and have always been a fan of the intricate story and rich cast of characters he created. I had even fan cast Peter Dinklage as Tyrion Lannister in my head before the TV series was anything more than a rumor! So naturally, I was excited for the HBO series when it began.

I found myself disappointed, however, in some of their interpretations of the House sigils – especially House Stark. Their sigil was always described as a leaping direwolf, gray on a white field. So the television version that showed nothing more than a wolf’s head has never sat well with me.

It was from this dissatisfaction that I decided to create my own versions of the House shields, based on the descriptions given in the books.  I originally planned to do only Stark, Lannister, and Targaryen — but that plan didn’t last long, and now I have almost all of the major houses rendered in embroidery.


All of our Game of Thrones House patches can be found on our website.

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HarleyTabletOur Harlequin Diamonds bag, inspired by Harley Quinn, is now available in tablet computer size!

This fun red and black bag, embroidered with contrasting diamond designs, is stylish enough for a night of mayhem with plenty of room for your tablet, sketchbook, paperback, and anything else you might need. It comes in your choice of color schemes — red with a black interior, or the reverse.

This bag is available on our website.

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Halloween 003Mike and I have been playing a new game, Letters From Whitechapel, lately. The base concept is that one player is Jack the Ripper, committing his murders and attempting to escape the police. The other players are the police, whose task is to find clues to track Jack down and arrest him. It’s been quite fun, and it reminded me of many Halloweens ago, when I went as Edith Head, and my friend Julie showed up as Mary Jane Kelly, Jack’s final victim. She needed some help with the final touches of her costume, and who better to aid her than Edith Head?

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WorcesterCoC_LogoIt’s been a long, slow beginning to the year hear at Storied Threads. We weren’t able to get into a show we were depending on, and some other shows have not yielded the sales we were hoping for. So, Mike and I have been discussing ways to boost our business in any way we can.

We’ve always been an online business, from the very beginning of Storied Threads’ history. Our face to face presence has been at shows — renaissance faires, conventions, and the occasional market day or craft faire. But what we never really reached for was a local customer base.

So, we made the decision to join our local Chamber of Commerce recently. This is an entirely new kind of venture for us, and honestly, a bit intimidating. We’re still navigating the shallows of the Chamber waters, trying to figure out where we fit in, and how best to make it a resource that works for us. We’ve been to two social events so far, and they were kind of weird and scary. I mean, we work at faires and cons, we’re used to a certain nature of weird and scary. But this was business people! In suits! We met a guy who said he was from a bank, and when I asked him which part of the banking industry he worked in he said, “Oh, I’m the President.” We met the former Lieutenant Governor of Massachusetts, who is now our Chamber President.

And they were all lovely people! But I have no idea how to walk up to these kinds of folks, and hold out my hand, and introduce myself and have a conversation. Mike reminds me that we’re still the new kids in this group, and I have to give it time and not expect immediate results. And I know he’s right.

But in the meantime? I kind of feel like I’m pretending to be a professional in a room full of people who really are.

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LaserTagAre you the leader of your laser tag team? Do you consistently take the most difficult shots and win the game? Then you are a laser tag warrior!

This new geek merit badge design is available in our Etsy shop and on our website as a patch, and is also available in our Redbubble shop as a sticker in multiple sizes.

Click here to buy the patch!

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Are you as tired of the US Primary election season as I am? Then why not send a message to the established parties that we’ve had enough by voting for the VERY BEST in the form of Leslie Knope and Ben Wyatt, or the VERY WORST in the form of Harold Saxon?

There’s no ticket like the Knope/Wyatt ticket if you want somebody who will be looking out for your best interests at every turn. And Saxon…well, at least if he’s elected, there’s a solid chance the Doctor will show up to save the day, right?

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