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If you’ve been following me on Facebook this week, you’ll notice I’ve been a bit more active than I have in a while. My goal is to make that the beginning of a new trend for us, but first let me backtrack a little.

As you might know, we stopped doing conventions and renaissance faires last year and went to an online-only business model. The shows were becoming too much work for too little income, due in large part to the glut of pop culture cons in the New England market, and we knew that by dropping the shows we’d have to reorganize our household as well as our business. I went back to having a day job earlier this year and my husband followed suit over the summer — a necessary step to make ends meet.

The unforeseen consequences of this move is that we’ve lost a few steps in two important areas: creating new designs and keeping up our online presence.

This entire year has proven a challenge in trying to find Storied Threads’ “new normal” and we’re still figuring that out, and will be for a while yet, but I want to ensure my awesome customers that the business is alive and well and simply in a transition period. Don’t worry; we’re not going anywhere!


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