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This Friday is National Beer Day, so we thought it would be appropriate to revisit our Beer Snob Geek Merit Badge ($7).

This idea came up during a brainstorming session one morning while we were waiting for a convention day to begin and was quickly developed and put into production. We had to experiment a bit to get the tones of the glass right to give it a sense of dimension, and we debated long and hard about which color would be best for the beer itself before settling on a color reminiscent of a Samuel Adams Boston Lager (one of my husband’s personal favorites).

That said, if you’re interested in this design but you’re a fan of a paler brew like a pilsner or a darker beer such as a porter or stout, we can easily customize the color at no additional charge.


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It seems I’ve been chatting a lot lately with friends about the upcoming renaissance faire season, so I thought it’d be appropriate to revisit an older design I introduced specifically to sell at faires and to faire enthusiasts.

lion-rampantThe lion rampant is a historical design common in heraldry. The lion symbolizes bravery, nobility, royalty, strength, stateliness, and valor, while the rampant (standing upright) position — called an “attitude” — symbolizes…uh…whether the lion likes playing with big balls of yarn?

(I actually couldn’t find anything that details any symbolism of a heraldic animal’s stance, but if anyone out there knows, feel free to share with the class!)

We offer a classic lion rampant in two sizes: large, for use on a knightly surcoat or on the back of a jacket ($16); and as a small patch, also suitable for modern clothing ($9).

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Plague SurvivorWe’re very proud of our Geek Merit Badges, and this design, the Plague Survivor, is one of our earliest additions to the line.

We added it as something of a joke/experiment. It came up during a brainstorming session and we made it to see what would happen, never expecting that it would become one of our all-time top five best-selling items. People love the plague doctor!

Fun fact: our first attempt at the plague doctor mask wasn’t a winner because it looked too much like one of the title characters from the Spy Vs. Spy comic strip.

The Plague Survivor Geek Merit Badge is available for $8 through our web store. You can also buy it as a sticker from our Redbubble store.

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Happy Hump Day, everyone!

In the past, the first Wednesday post of the month was dedicated to talking up our show schedule, but now that we’ve retired from the con and faire scene, we’ve decided to make this time slot a showcase for some of our classic designs — and we promise to try to make them more interesting than simply tossing up an item and saying, “Hey, remember this one? Maybe you should buy it!”

ribbonFortunately, our first featured classic item has a story behind it — and by first item, I mean this was literally the first patch we sold under the Storied Threads banner: the Doctor Who Awareness Ribbon.

The year was 2011 and Storied Threads was still a clothing and costuming business, and I was brainstorming ways to make my items more interesting and unique. I decided to experiment with adding embroidered details and purchased a simple one-needle embroidery machine.

Some time later, while my husband was driving me to the commuter rail station — I had a full-time day job at the time — we wound up behind a car that was absolutely covered in various awareness ribbon magnets. Moments before we’d been talking about Doctor Who, specifically the Tom Baker era, and Mike suggested, somewhat jokingly, I make a Doctor Who Awareness Ribbon patch invoking Baker’s iconic scarf.

On a whim I ran with the idea, just to see how it would be received. I made a few to sell at the Robin Hood Springtime Festival, and they blew out of my tent in record time. I literally could not keep them in stock.

That patch’s success inspired me to try out other designs, and that was the beginning of Storied Threads’ transition to embroidered merchandise. For that reason it still holds a special place in my heart.

Buy the Doctor Who Awareness Ribbon now for $9 through the Storied Threads webstore.

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