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For our first Fun Friday of the year, we’d like to share a card game we received as part of our Christmas gift haul.

joking-hazardThe game is Joking Hazard, from the creators of Cyanide and Happiness. The concept is very simple: each round, a judge plays the first two panels of a comic strip, and the other players have to play the punchline panel. The funniest punchline wins the round. That’s it!

Fair warning, this is a game in the same vein as Cards Against Humanity in that it is not for the timid or easily offended. It is raunchy, gory, and tasteless, but if you’re okay with that kind of stuff, it’s also hysterical (especially after an adult beverage or two).

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On Tuesday we unveiled our new Frankenstein-inspired design, which we’ve made available not only as an embroidered bookmark but on assorted merchandise through our Redbubble shop.

When it comes to offering items through Redbubble, I often have to experiment with placement so the design works well on whatever item it’ll appear on. Sometimes, no matter how much I tweak and fiddle, a design simply does not work on certain items, so I make the decision to simply not offer a specific piece of merchandise.

I made that decision this week when I realized that the Frankenstein design, when placed on a skirt, was a little too suggestive for its own good. The placement of the hand and the lightning made the piece unintentionally humorous, so I thought it better to take a pass on skirts — but far be it from me to turn up a chance to share a juvenile laugh with everyone, so for your amusement, here’s what the skirt looked like. Enjoy, and we hope everyone has a great Christmas weekend!


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In the spirit of the season, today’s silliness comes courtesy of Emmet Otter’s Jug-Band Christmas — specifically from the Jim Henson special’s blooper reel. Enjoy!

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Considering the current state of our federal government, I think this bit from the classic Marx Brothers movie Horse Feathers is very appropriate.

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2016-09-05-07-18-03We live across the road from a large cemetery, which is a wonderful place for going for walks. The full perimeter is almost 3 miles, and if we get out nice and early in the morning, it’s a great way to get some light exercise and wake up.

In the fall and in the spring, the cemetery is also a favorite rest stop for migrating geese! They’re pretty chill for geese, and let us just walk on by while they graze in the fields and amongst the headstones.

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Apparently this summer’s trend in beer is to do grapefruit themed beers, and every time I see one all I can think of is this incredibly accurate comic. Sadly, I cannot figure out who  the original artist is on it — I find it posted without attribution on a couple of Tumblr blogs, and that’s it. So if anybody knows who MG is so that I can credit properly, please let me know!

Side note: I actually don’t like blueberries, either. When picking them out of a yogurt parfait last weekend, my husband asked me if blueberries were grapefruit-bad. I let him know that NOTHING is grapefruit bad, except a grapefruit.

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2016-08-01 14.09.40Yeah, that’s right, I’m definitely on the Pokemon Go bandwagon.  I’m only level 13 so far, and have never controlled a gym, but you know what? I’m having a ton of fun. I like catching Pokemon, love that my desire to hatch eggs encourages me to get out on my walks with more energy, and I’ll admit — I love taking pictures. I especially enjoy when I can take a picture that makes it look like the Pokemon is truly interacting with the world around me.

2016-08-05 09.41.53And then Prisma came along, and made it so I could play with these pictures and make them look like the elements truly belonged together, and I may have found my new favorite lazy form of artwork! I’m just grateful that my husband, despite not playing himself, is not only understanding, but encouraging of my latest pastime, often reminding me that we’re in a Pokestop heavy area and I should stock up on Pokeballs!


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