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When we decided back in 2016 to stop doing conventions and went to an online-only business model, we noticed that interest in our embroidered accessories — scarves, neckties, and bags — dropped significantly, but interest in our core product line, our patches, remained strong.

After some brainstorming, we made the decision late last year to discontinue our accessories line to focus on patches. We made this decision reluctantly because we like our bag designs and hated to see them disappear from our catalog — which led us to “re-imagine” them, as they say in Hollywood.

Over the coming weeks and months, we’re rolling out a new line of large-scale patches based on some of our most popular bag designs, which means you can customize a bag you already own! The first design in this new line is our Cthulhu Waits Dreaming patch, depicting the Elder God’s facial tentacles reaching out, as if to snare some poor human who stumbled onto fabled R’lyeh. The image and text are embroidered in dark brown on an olive drab fabric and measures 8.85 inches by 5.67 inches — the perfect size for a laptop bag or the back of a jacket! You can buy it now for $13 (plus shipping) at our web store or our Etsy shop!


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You may be wondering, “What the heck is this design about?”

Well, as some of you may know, my husband Michael is an independent author, and his main series is the YA superhero adventure Action Figures. He recently released the seventh book in the series, The Black End War, and his editor Julie was so enamored with a particular element of the story (I don’t want to say too much because I don’t want to spoil it for you!) she commissioned a special patch inspired by the book.

I’m now making the patch available to Action Figures fans and the general public, and you can grab one now for $7 at either my web store or my Etsy shop.

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What this? A new item? After all this time?

Yes, I know it’s been a long whole since we unveiled a new addition to our patch line, so to make up for it we’re going big by unveiling a new design by our friend Marrus: the Clover Fae Twins! It took us a while to get the design just right so it met with Marrus’s approval, but we’re happy to report it was worth the time and effort, because Marrus has given it her very enthusiastic seal of approval.

As with the other designs in the Demon Fae line, the Clover Fae Twins are available on your choice of six background colors: red, orange, light blue, teal, purple, and light gray. Own this piece of fabric art, suitable for framing, for $32.

Copyright Marrus 2017.

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MistyStreamRB1I’m still finding my new stride, and creating new embroidery designs has suffered as a result. But once in a while, something catches my eye, and I take a photograph I feel is worthy of putting up for sale at Redbubble! Today’s new photograph is one I took on my morning walk, of the early mist rising up off of a stream as it ran through the trees. You can find it on clothing, mugs, notebooks, and more in my Redbubble shop.

Click here to shop the new design!

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New Item: Kawaii Sloth

We promised you at least two new items this month, and here’s the second of them: the kawaii sloth!

We’ve had this idea on our to-do list for a LONG time but it took us a while to get the design up to its maximum cuteness levels. We hope you think he was worth the wait! Our kawaii sloth, designed to look like he’s hanging off the border of the patch, is available on our website for $8.

You can also get his smiling face on a sticker at our Redbubble shop.

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It’s been a while since we’ve unveiled a new design, hasn’t it? We chalk that up to being extremely busy with other responsibilities, but we’re working on getting back to creating new designs on a semi-regular basis, and this month we have not one but two new patches coming your way!

Next week we’ll debut a new entry on our kawaii animals line, and we’ll give you a hint about it: this cute critter always looks perfectly happy to hang around all day.

Today, we’re adding to our Shakespeare line with this patch inspired by the play Julius Caesar. The play has been in the public eye in a big way thanks to a controversial production in which Caesar was interpreted as a certain president, and we realized it was one of the major Shakespeare shows we’ve never honored in patch form, so here it is! Get it from our website for $8!

The design is also available in our Redbubble shop on a variety of items.

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Recently I went on another photography expedition through the cemetery near my house, and I came out with this image. It’s one of many, many angel statues and memorials in the graveyard, but this one jumped out at me — not in a terrifying Weeping Angel way, though.

The “Angel of Judgement” is now available through my Redbubble shop on a variety of items. Go check them out!

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