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Happy Towel Day from Storied Threads!

For those of you unfamiliar with this quasi-holiday, it is the day when fans of the late Douglas Adams pay tribute to his work, specifically to his epic sci-fi series The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. We here at Storied Threads are fans too, as evidenced by a few items dedicated to his most famous novels.

We start, appropriately, with our “Don’t Forget Your Towel” patch ($8). It’s the most important thing you can bring with you on an intergalactic adventure!





And then there is our 42 patch ($7), which refers to the supercomputer Deep Thought’s cryptic answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything.





Finally, we have Mr. Adams’ immortal words of advice: “Don’t Panic.” You can get this sage advice on a patch ($9), or on a messenger ($39) or tablet bag ($54). Want it on a full-size laptop bag? Contact us for a custom order!

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“I grew up in Europe, where the history comes from.” – Eddie Izzard

I am a big European history nerd, and I’ve learned that many of my customers are too. I’ve been thinking about trying to come up with some new designs for my History line, but for now I’ll just spotlight a few items I’m especially fond of.

One of my earliest European history designs was inspired by a viewing of the TV show The Tudors (not a great show by the way, especially if you’re a hardcore history and costuming geek like me). The Anne Boleyn patch ($8) depicts Anne’s iconic necklace dropping with blood, which foreshadows her unfortunate fate.

After the body of King Richard III was discovered under a car park, I came up with the Here Lyes Richard III – No Parkyng patch ($9) mostly as a joke. I didn’t think anyone else would appreciate the gag, but I soon discovered I wasn’t the only person who found it funny. This always got a good reaction at shows among history fans, and I sometimes receive e-mails from customers who discovered the patch and had to tell me how much they love it.

In 1485, Henry Tudor defeated King Richard III in battle, thus ending the War of the Roses. As King Henry VII, he married Elizabeth of York, and symbolically combined the red rose of Lancaster and the white rose of York into one sigil — the Tudor Rose. I love the design, which is why I’ve made it available as a patch ($9), on a scarf ($23), and on small messenger ($38), tablet ($53), and laptop bags ($58).

And remember, all three of these designs are available on a variety of products in my Redbubble shop!

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In celebration of what’s become for geeks an unofficial holiday, we’re presenting some sci-fi movie-inspired designs, and of course we have to begin with our Star Wars-inspired “Stay on Target” patch ($8). It’s sound advice, for life in general and for targeting massive space stations of staggering destructive power.

Our Star Trek-inspired Away Team bags have been popular items since we introduced them, and we have a few left over from our 2017 show run, so they’re on-hand and ready to ship! They’re available in messenger ($34), tablet¬†($49), and laptop ($54) sizes, in classic ST gold, blue, or red, with embroidery for command, science, medical, engineering, and security. Although we default to Original Series color/department pairings, we can easily adjust them for Next Generation fans.




H.G. Wells’ classic War of the Worlds has been adapted into two major motion pictures (we like the older version better), a handful of loosely inspired low-budget movies, a TV show, comic books, and now into an embroidered bookmark ($10)! The design depicts one of the Martian tripods looming over the city, bathing it in the beam of its devastating heat ray.

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Doctor Who returns later this month, and while I’m a season behind on the show since our household “cut the cable” a couple of years ago and we no longer have easy access to the BBC, I know the Whovians out there are eager to see Peter Capaldi pilot the TARDIS for one more series.

In honor of the good Doctor’s return, today we’re going to spotlight some of my favorite items from our Doctor Who-inspired line.

First up is the Ace jacket patch ($24), which began as a custom order for a customer looking to put together a costume based on the seventh Doctor’s (Sylvester McCoy) companion Ace. This two-part package includes the giant A and a separate “ce” — and we’d like to let you know that we have made replicas of some of the other patches featured on the character’s signature jacket, so if you’re looking for one (or more), contact us!

We have several bags for Whovians, but we’re always amused by our TARDIS-inspired bags, available in small messenger ($37) and tablet size ($52) through our website — and we can easily make it in laptop size as a custom order. The larger sizes come with interior pockets, which will make people think it’s larger on the inside than it looks on the outside!


I jumped on the Doctor Who fandom train back when SyFy (then the Sci-Fi Channel) broadcast the revival starring Christopher Eccleston, so I have a soft spot for the “Bad Wolf” storyline. We have several items featuring our interpretation of the Bad Wolf graffiti, but one of our favorite uses is on this necktie ($17), made of silvery-gray silk.

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Today we’re spotlighting Geek Merit Badges with a decidedly supernatural air, because we’ve got a new design cooking that will fit this theme perfectly.

Arcane Lore ($8)














Fortune Teller ($7)














Magician ($7)














Medium ($7)


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Yesterday marked the 80th anniversary of the death of H.P. Lovecraft, one of the grand masters of horror fiction.

We’re big fans of his work here at Storied Threads and have several items inspired by his tales of cosmic horror, so in honor of the anniversary of his passing, here are a few of our very favorites. You might say we’re mad for them.

Cthulhu Tablet 1We have a variety of bags with a Lovecraft theme, including the “Cthulhu Waits Dreaming” bags, which are available in messenger ($36), tablet ($51), and laptop sizes ($56). The tablet and laptop sizes are padded to protect your electronics against Shoggoths, Byakhees, and other things that go bump in the night.



YellowSign1While the character the King in Yellow and his sigil, the Yellow Sign, are widely associated with Lovecraft, those concepts were actually created by Robert Chambers, a “weird fiction” writer who influenced Lovecraft, and over time Chambers’ creation was absorbed into the so-called Lovecraft Mythos. One of our more popular items is this Yellow Sign embroidered bookmark ($8) bearing the slogan, “The play’s the thing.” Yes, the quote is from Shakespeare, but it was too good of an eerie joke to pass up.


This re-animator Geek Merit Badge ($8) was inspired directly more by the film Reanimator¬†starring cult fave Jeffrey Combs than by the Lovecraft story Hebert West: Reanimator in that the syringe’s mysterious contents glow in the dark, but either way, this patch is Lovecraftian at heart.



MiskatonicU2A recurring location in the Lovecraft stories was the fiction college Miskatonic University, which was said to be modeled after Brown University in Lovecraft’s home city of Providence, Rhode Island. If you’re a self-styled alumnus of this revered yet troubled institution of higher learning, grab one of our Miskatonic U neckties ($17) to impress your friends at your next class reunion.

You can find these and other Lovecraft-inspired creations under the Literature section of our web store.

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…but it’s aliens.

ufologistFirst up in our collection of out-of-this-world patches is a couple of Geek Merit Badges, starting with the UFOlogist ($8), for that aspiring flying saucer-seeker. This patch features a glow-in-the-dark tractor beam for a special extra(terrestrial) touch.




xenolinguisticsOnce you’ve been abducted, you’ll want to communicate with your new alien friends, at least well enough to ask them not to experiment on you. For that handy skill we have the Xenolinguistics Geek Merit Badge ($8). Fun fact: the alien language is actually the word “hello” spelled out in Microsoft Word wingdings!



Sadly, alien visitors are not always friendly. Sometimes they just want to burn our civilization to the ground and terraform the planet — such as the invading Martians did in H.G. Wells’ classic War of the Worlds. Our War of the Worlds-inspired bookmark ($10) depicts a Martian tripod turning its deadly heat ray on London.

XFilesOf course, you might not believe in little green men, so for you skeptics we have one of our all-time best-selling items, the X-Files-inspired “I Want to Believe” patch ($8). We also make this design available on small messenger bags ($38) and tablet bags ($53). Want it on a laptop-size bag? Contact us and ask us about it!

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