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The original line art for the Rock-A-Bye DemonFae patch, by Marrus

Whenever I create a new embroidery design, there is some tweaking that goes on as the art moves from paper to a digital stitch file.  Things that work in one medium don’t necessarily read well in another, and I have to be willing to play around to make the final product a good one.

When working in collaboration, as I do on the DemonFae patches I create with Marrus that process becomes even more involved, as now it must satisfy not just me, but also the artist I’m working with!


Rock-A-Bye, first round of edits

It all begins with a line art drawning that Marrus sends to me. We both know the color scheme that should go into these patches, so I’m able to fill in that detail, as well as textures, on my end as I work on the embroidery design. Once I’ve done the first draft, I send a computer sim of the patch over to Marrus, and she makes edits on her end – places where she feels the design could change to work better with the various elements, fit more dynamically in the circular shape, or anything else that she feels isn’t working right. She sketches those edits in right on top of the embroidery, and shoots the new image back to me.


Second edits on Rock-A-Bye.

In a perfect world, this would be it. But anybody who is an artist knows that getting two people to agree on an artistic vision, and both feel satisfied with their portion of the work, is never that easy. Another computer sim goes out, another round of edits comes back in.

On the Rock-A-Bye patch, this was the final sketch version. It’s the second piece we’ve done together, which makes the process a lot smoother than the first one was. Marrus has a better sense of what embroidery can do, and how to communicate that to me. I have a better sense of what she wants from a final product, and how to achieve that with fewer (and simpler) do-overs.

RockAByeTealAnd finally, we end up with a finished design, a real thread-and-fabric patch that we both love, and are happy to put up for sale to our fans! I get them run on half a dozen or so colors and get the listing live on my website, and then the fun begins! Sharing the images with all of you, and hoping that you love the DemonFae as much as we do.

There are, at the moment, two DemonFae patches available – Rock-A-Bye and Starry Contemplation. Both can be ordered with a variety of background colors at the Storied Threads website, and look great in a fame, on a bag, or as the centerpiece of a denim jacket. How will you use YOUR DemonFae patch?

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NewsletterNow that we’ve retired from doing conventions and faires, Storied Threads’ monthly newsletter is the most reliable way to learn about new designs and keep up with us throughout 2017.

Not a subscriber yet? No problem! Just click the link below to sign up. We promise not to share your information, or to spam you with daily messages.

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I know it’s traditional for businesses to offer all kinds of awesome discounts on Presidents Day, but the only sale we have going on is our retired design clearance sale.

Head on over to our web store’s clearance item page and you’ll find a selection of designs we’re retiring from our catalog at 50 percent off their original list price. We have very limited quantities of patches, bags, and accessories from our Firefly/Serenity, Game of Thrones, and Doctor Who lines, among others, and once we sell out we won’t be making them available again. It’s first come, first served, so act now!

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NewsletterNow that we’ve retired from doing conventions and faires, Storied Threads’ monthly newsletter is the most reliable way to learn about new designs and keep up with us throughout 2017.

Not a subscriber yet? No problem! Just click the link below to sign up. We promise not to share your information, or to spam you with daily messages.

Click here to sign up for our newsletter!

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Our view, overlooking the courtyard and the neighboring cemetery.

It’s a quiet, snowy day here in the Storied Threads studios. Massachusetts is getting slammed by winter to the tune of 12 inches (at least) over the course of the day, so we’re taking the opportunity to catch up on some stuff while we enjoy our view and the company of our various fuzzies — all of whom are hard asleep as I write this.

Of course, this means a slight delay in shipping packages since postal service is, for lack of a better term, frozen until the can clear the roads, but we’re well ahead of schedule, so don’t worry, Storied Threads fans — your orders are all on or ahead of schedule!

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Last week we officially retired numerous patch and accessory designs, meaning they will no longer be available through our website.

However, we are now left with some inventory we need to clear out, so we’re offering these leftovers to you at 50 percent off their original list price. These items are available on a first come, first served basis, so head over to our web store right now. Once they’re gone, they’re gone for good!

This is what we have on-hand. Prices listed are their current sale price and reflect the 50 percent discount.



  • Don’t Blink. $4.50, one available


  • Big Damn Heroes: $4.50, two available
  • Browncoat Fandom Pride: $3.50, one available
  • I Am a Leaf on the Wind: $4, one available
  • Shiny: $4.50, two available


  • By Grabthar’s Hammer — You Shall Be Avenged!: $4, four available


  • Fear Cuts Deeper Than Swords: $4, two available
  • House Arryn: $4.50, one available
  • House Baratheon: $4.50, one available
  • House Baratheon – heraldry size: $6, one available
  • House Lannister – heraldry size: $6.50, one available
  • House Tully: $4.50, two available


  • Better Off Ted – Veridian Dynamics nametag (Phil): $4, one available
  • Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are Dead – We’re Actors – We’re the Opposite of People: $3.50, two available
  • Zombieland – Rune #1: Cardio: $4, five female versions available, four male versions available


  • Supernatural – Anti-Possession Tattoo: $7.50, black, five-foot length; $9.50, white, six-foot length; one each available
  • “Frankenscarf” (striped scarves made from remnant pieces of flannel): $7.50, four available
  • Victorian pattern: $4, one available

In addition, we have several one-off items made for specific shows and leftover merchandise we sold only at cons and faires, which are not listed on our website. These items may be purchased through us directly. Please e-mail me to ask if the item is still available or to see a photo of the item, and if you decide to buy it, I can send you a PayPal invoice to make the purchase. Again, the prices listed below reflect the 50 percent markdown.


  • Steampunk messenger bag – clockwork compass design: $17, one available
  • Steampunk messenger bag – clockwork wings design: $18, one available
  • Scottish thistle messenger bag: $X, one available

BOWTIES – $7.50 each

  • Star Trek insignia bow tie, blue: one available
  • Star Trek insignia bow tie, red: four available
  • Superman bowtie: 11 available

HAIR BOWS – $2.50 each

  • Chibi Nick Fury: one available
  • Deadpool logo: two available
  • Firefly logo: two available
  • Marvel Comics character heads: three available
  • Marvel Comics logo: two available
  • SHIELD logo: two available
  • Star Trek insignia, blue: seven available
  • Star Trek insignia, red: eight available


  • TARDIS Christmas stocking: $14.50, one available
  • TARDIS/sonic screwdriver necklace: $5, one available

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January is almost over, which means this is your last chance to grab certain patch and accessory designs. We will officially remove the listed items below from our website and our Etsy shops at the end of the day tomorrow, so act now if you want any of these!


Harley Quinn – Puddin’!


Don’t Blink


Vote Saxon – Change the Future




All items will be retired!


Fear Cuts Deeper than Swords

House Arryn

House Baratheon – small

House Baratheon – large/heraldry

House Greyjoy – large/heraldry

House Lannister – large/heraldry

House Stark – large/heraldry

House Targaryen – large/heraldry

House Tully – small

House Tyrell – small


Misty Mountain

Royal Aerial Corps


Better Off Ted – Veridian Dynamics

Buffy the Vampire Slayer – Minimalist Spike

Community – Troy and Abed in the Morning!

Galaxy Quest – By Grabthar’s hammer, you shall be avenged!

Pacific Rim – Drift Compatible

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead – We’re actors — We’re the opposite of people!

Zombieland – Rule #1: Cardio male and female versions


Bioshock – Rapture Colony


There’s No Place Like


The Game is On!

All remaining Sherlock items will be moved to the Literature section of the website


Elixir label

Love Potion label


All items will be retired!


Release the Kraken!

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