In celebration of what’s become for geeks an unofficial holiday, we’re presenting some sci-fi movie-inspired designs, and of course we have to begin with our Star Wars-inspired “Stay on Target” patch ($8). It’s sound advice, for life in general and for targeting massive space stations of staggering destructive power.

Our Star Trek-inspired Away Team bags have been popular items since we introduced them, and we have a few left over from our 2017 show run, so they’re on-hand and ready to ship! They’re available in messenger ($34), tablet ($49), and laptop ($54) sizes, in classic ST gold, blue, or red, with embroidery for command, science, medical, engineering, and security. Although we default to Original Series color/department pairings, we can easily adjust them for Next Generation fans.




H.G. Wells’ classic War of the Worlds has been adapted into two major motion pictures (we like the older version better), a handful of loosely inspired low-budget movies, a TV show, comic books, and now into an embroidered bookmark ($10)! The design depicts one of the Martian tripods looming over the city, bathing it in the beam of its devastating heat ray.

When I decided to discontinue a clothing line, it meant that many of the images I’d been using in advertising, banners, and profile pictures were no longer truly representative of the kind of business Storied Threads was. Clearly, creating new images was a priority, but it still took time to put together.


Over the winter, I purchased a denim jacket, and slowly but surely covered it (or large portions of it, anyway) with some of my favorite patches! Now that it’s spring at least every other day, thanks to the vagaries of New England weather, it seemed like a great time to go out and get some fabulous pictures thanks to the help of photographer Lauren Dubois.


Sure, there was technically still snow on the ground, but that didn’t stop us. The weather was warm and perfect for a cool photo shoot on a local college campus. And the jacket is a perfect canvas to show off some of my favorite designs.

Want to have a jacket (or a bag, or a vest, or anything you can think of) as awesome as this? Pop on over to the Storied Threads webstore, and shop your heart out!

A few years ago I took a trip to London, and of course I took pictures of everything.

This week’s new design features a photo I took of Tower Bridge as seen from the Tower of London, which I’ve made available on apparel and merchandise available through my Redbubble shop. Go check it out!

Fine for Fighting

This weekend, my husband Michael will be heading out to his first rehearsal for the upcoming Robin Hood Springtime Festival, and this is a special rehearsal process for him because this will be his first production as the show’s fight director.

That’s why I’m using today’s space to spotlight our Stage Combat Geek Merit Badge ($8), a revamped version of our original stage combat patch. For those of you who don’t get the concept, the numbers indicate the attack and defense positions on an actor’s body as per the Society of American Fight Directors stage combat system.

Remember, we also offer this design on several items in our Redbubble shop.

Talk about some great timing! I’d planned to do a post for today spotlighting my friend Dean Calusdian, and two days ago Shallow Graves magazine decided to do the same thing.

Art and copyright Dean Calusdian

Go read the interview to get to know Dean a little better, but here are the highlights about my artist friend: my husband met him back in 1995 when they were both working a well-known local renaissance faire; Dean wrote and directed a low-budget horror movie, Tortured Hearts, which features several of my friends; he was the main creative mind behind the Castle of the Damned Halloween attraction that ran at Hammond Castle in Gloucester, MA for several years; he’s active in youth theater; and more recently he put his artistic chops to use on a graphic novel, The Stocking Dead, and on horror-themed T-shirts he sells at New England-area pop culture conventions. He’s also a really nice guy, so if you happen to see him at a con, say hi and check out his stuff!

We’ve been on a board game binge lately, so we thought we’d share this random discovery with our followers who also enjoy a good board game.

Back in 1998, Stephen King helped design an actual board game based on his novel The Shining, and you can actually download the files, print out the board and pieces, and play it yourself! We’re going to do the same one of these days, but if you get a chance to try it out before we do, let us know how you liked it!