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Bee-Headed Mushroom Shaman

Normally, today would be a new item post. Alas, although I have ideas and projects in the works, I do not have a finished new product to share with you today! One of the reasons I don’t have one is that I’ve been getting a ton of work doing custom patches for people, and working on those has been taking up all of my digitizing time.

The fun thing that sometimes comes out of doing custom work is learning new skills and tools in the process.  I had a customer send me this image, which is a cave drawing from Algeria thought to be 6000 years old. It’s called the Bee Shaman, or the Bee-Headed Mushroom Shaman, and my customer wanted a large patch made from the figure.


Bee-Headed Mushroom Shaman, rendered in embroidery

While the image isn’t complex in the same way as modern art can be complex, I found the internal grid structure to be daunting. I knew that plotting all of those lines was a project that could take me hours to accomplish.  So I did some research — and found a new tool withing my embroidery software that let’s me fill an area not just with a regular straight stitch, but with patterns! I had known that I could add texture to the fill areas of my designs, but creating them as patterns of lines was new to me.

One of the fill patterns was, happily, a simple diamond pattern. So I was able to use that, scale it appropriately for the Bee Shaman, and we were off! After that, digitizing all of the mushrooms growing on his arms and legs was a piece of cake. My customer was delight3ed with the results, and I learned a new skill to bring to my designs. Everybody wins!


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