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Hanging out with Beatrix.
Photo by Lauren Dubois.

Beatrix, our beloved bulldog and Storied Threads’ official mascot, turns eight years old today!

When we were getting ready to buy our house, my husband said he wanted to get a dog. He hadn’t had one since college and really missed being a dog owner. I wasn’t as keen on the idea at first, and I was definitely hesitant to get a big dog like Mike wanted, and then he suggested a middle ground in getting an English bulldog. Again, I wasn’t entirely on-board with it because — and I joke about this now — I thought bulldogs were kind of ugly.

But the more research I did into the breed and the more I learned about their temperament, the more I warmed up to the proposal — and the more I changed my opinion about their looks. I can’t believe I ever thought they were ugly dogs. I think my Beatrix is the most beautiful dog in the world, and I can’t imagine life without her.

We love our girl so much, we’ve used her as a model on a couple of pieces of merchandise, including a Bulldog Lover Geek Merit Badge and a laptop bag.

And guess what? She’ll be with me Saturday when I visit the Connecticut Renaissance Faire! I’ll be there working in the guest author area near The Shady Emporium, so come by and wish Beatrix a happy birthday!


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bulldoglaptop1One of our customers loved our Bulldog Lover patch so much that she requested an enlarged version on a laptop bag, and we loved how it came out so much that we’ve decided to make it available to everybody! If you follow Storied Threads on any of our social media (and I hope that you do!) it should come as no surprise that the design is based on our own bulldog, Beatrix. We’re pretty big fans of bulldogs and their smooshy, kissable faces!

This bag is available in our Etsy shop and on our website.

Click here to buy one!

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BulldogLoverIf you’ve been following Storied Threads on any of our social media, it should come as no surprise that we’ve decided to make a bulldog design. And even less of a surprise that the design is based on our own bulldog, Beatrix. We’re pretty big fans of bulldogs and their smooshy, kissable faces!

This new design is available as a patch in our Etsy shop and on our website, and as a sticker in our Redbubble shop. ¬†And Beatrix’s adorable face is available at Redbubble without the text on t-shirts, phone cases, throw pillows, and more!


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BeatrixCollageLately, when we’ve been working at conventions, Mike has taken to drawing me little sketches of Beatrix in the backs of our receipt books. It gives him something to do if it’s slow, and they always make me smile. Which, let’s face it — if a convention is slow, I could use the smile! Naturally, I can’t just throw these away when the receipt book is done, and so I’ve started cutting them out and creating a collage on the wall facing my sewing area. It’s a recent trend, as you can see, but I imagine that this space will fill up with quite a few Beatrix sketches over the rest of the year!

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The name pretty much says it all — this post will be nothing but a bunch of selfies with Beatrix, from 2009 through 2016. Enjoy!

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XmasBeatrixMerry Christmas from Storied Threads! We’ve been happily spending time with family and friends, and I hope all of you are able to do so, too — no matter what holiday you may celebrate!

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XmasBeaCropHappy Holidays, everybody, from Storied Threads! We’ll be taking a break most of this week to spend time with friends and family all up and down the east coast, but we’ll be back in full swing next week.

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