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Last week we officially retired numerous patch and accessory designs, meaning they will no longer be available through our website.

However, we are now left with some inventory we need to clear out, so we’re offering these leftovers to you at 50 percent off their original list price. These items are available on a first come, first served basis, so head over to our web store right now. Once they’re gone, they’re gone for good!

This is what we have on-hand. Prices listed are their current sale price and reflect the 50 percent discount.



  • Don’t Blink. $4.50, one available


  • Big Damn Heroes: $4.50, two available
  • Browncoat Fandom Pride: $3.50, one available
  • I Am a Leaf on the Wind: $4, one available
  • Shiny: $4.50, two available


  • By Grabthar’s Hammer — You Shall Be Avenged!: $4, four available


  • Fear Cuts Deeper Than Swords: $4, two available
  • House Arryn: $4.50, one available
  • House Baratheon: $4.50, one available
  • House Baratheon – heraldry size: $6, one available
  • House Lannister – heraldry size: $6.50, one available
  • House Tully: $4.50, two available


  • Better Off Ted – Veridian Dynamics nametag (Phil): $4, one available
  • Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are Dead – We’re Actors – We’re the Opposite of People: $3.50, two available
  • Zombieland – Rune #1: Cardio: $4, five female versions available, four male versions available


  • Supernatural – Anti-Possession Tattoo: $7.50, black, five-foot length; $9.50, white, six-foot length; one each available
  • “Frankenscarf” (striped scarves made from remnant pieces of flannel): $7.50, four available
  • Victorian pattern: $4, one available

In addition, we have several one-off items made for specific shows and leftover merchandise we sold only at cons and faires, which are not listed on our website. These items may be purchased through us directly. Please e-mail me to ask if the item is still available or to see a photo of the item, and if you decide to buy it, I can send you a PayPal invoice to make the purchase. Again, the prices listed below reflect the 50 percent markdown.


  • Steampunk messenger bag – clockwork compass design: $17, one available
  • Steampunk messenger bag – clockwork wings design: $18, one available
  • Scottish thistle messenger bag: $X, one available

BOWTIES – $7.50 each

  • Star Trek insignia bow tie, blue: one available
  • Star Trek insignia bow tie, red: four available
  • Superman bowtie: 11 available

HAIR BOWS – $2.50 each

  • Chibi Nick Fury: one available
  • Deadpool logo: two available
  • Firefly logo: two available
  • Marvel Comics character heads: three available
  • Marvel Comics logo: two available
  • SHIELD logo: two available
  • Star Trek insignia, blue: seven available
  • Star Trek insignia, red: eight available


  • TARDIS Christmas stocking: $14.50, one available
  • TARDIS/sonic screwdriver necklace: $5, one available

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From last weekend's Time Travelers' Weekend, showing off our Time Lord Seal Scarf.

From last weekend’s Time Travelers’ Weekend, showing off our Time Lord Seal Scarf.

This weekend is the final weekend of the Connecticut Renaissance Faire! That means just one more Halloween Knight – complete with fire joust! One more chance to see Shakespeare Approves before he leaves New England! And ONE MORE WEEKEND for clearance Storied Threads garb! This weekend is the very last time we’ll be selling garb in our booth — by the spring faire, we will be selling nothing but embroidered patches, bags, scarves, and other geekery.  All of our garb will be priced to sell, and we hope to move it all out before we pack up Sunday night!

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Red WeddingOur clearance Game of Thrones patches are going fast! We have limited quantities left of these four patches, so if you want one, grab them now — this could be your last chance!

All of our clearance designs can be found on our website.

Bran Falling Hodor Khaleesi

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Hey, folks! We announced the other day that we planned to retire several patch designs, and today we’re presenting the full list of patches that will be discontinued on our website and at shows. Nearly 70 designs are going away forever!

These are all designs that simply do not sell well anymore, so we’re opting to cease production on these patches to make room for new items — which is especially important considering how we have limited space for inventory at conventions and faires.

All of these designs have had their list price marked down on our website by 50%. We have most of the patches on the following list in stock now, and we can ship them out immediately. Once we deplete our stock, these items will be removed from our website and our Etsy shops, so this may be your last chance to grab these items!

Free Mars propaganda logo

Hail Hydra
Hawkeye – Okay, This Looks Bad
Iron Man – Arc Reactor (glows in the dark)
Kid Loki emblem
Loki – God of Mischief
Loki – Shhh…


Ace – Small Ace logo
Amy Pond – The Girl Who Waited
Cyberman – Delete!
The Face of Boe
Fifth Doctor – Celery Stock
K-9 – Affirmative!
Romana – Scarf awareness ribbon
River Song – Hello Sweetie
River Song – Minimalist River Song / Check Your Records
River Song – River’s name in Gallifreyan
Tenth Doctor – Allons-Y!
Twelfth Doctor –These are Attack Eyebrows

D&D Character stats

Anglophile – original design (without the Union Jack)

Iron Price
Ser Bronn heraldry – flaming green chain
The Red Wedding / I Always Cry at Weddings
The Things I Do for Love / Brann falling at Winterfell
Ygritte – You Know Nothing, Jon Snow

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea – Mare Et Omnia / Nautilus uniform patch
Dracula – The Blood is the Life
East India Trading Co. logo
PT Barnum – This Way to the Great Egress
Three Musketeers – All for One and One for All

Still Not King

Navi – Hey, Listen!

Follow the White Rabbit


Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai – Minimalist Perfect Tommy
Blackadder – Lord Flashman / Hey Queenie
Breaking Bad – I am the One who Knocks
Elf – Minimalist Elf / You Sit on a Throne of Lies
Escape From New York – Minimalist Snake / Call Me Snake
Fifth Element – Aziz! Light! (glows in the dark)
Heathers – Big Fun
In The Loop – Fuckity-Bye
They Live – …And I’m all out of Bubblegum

Gauntlet – Elf Needs Food Badly
Mortal Kombat – Fatality!
Zork – You Have Been Eaten by a Grue

Alas Poor Yorick
Uneasy Lies the Head that Wears the Crown
Would You Have Me be False to my Nature?


Sleepy Hollow Euro

Minimalist Bones McCoy – Dammit, Jim
Minimalist Chekhov – I Can Do Zat!
Minimalist Spock – I am Vulcan, Sir, We Embrace Technicalities
Minimalist Sulu – If You Test Me, You Will Fail

Dean! Girl
Four Kinds of Encounters / The Butt Thing
Minimalist Castiel / It’s Funnier in Enochian
Sam! Girl

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Arc Reactor tie – Marked down from $17 to $12

We’ve made the difficult decision that it’s time to discontinue our line of Arc Reactor items. So, the ties, patches, and scarves have all been marked down, which means you guys can get quite a bargain! Available on our website only while supplies last.

Arc Reactor patch - marked down from $10 to $5

Arc Reactor patch – marked down from $10 to $5

Arc Reactor scarf - marked down from $21 to $15

Arc Reactor scarf – marked down from $21 to $15

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Coulson Lives 1We have only three of these Coulson Lives bags left in stock, and won’t be making any more once they’re gone. Make sure to grab one while you have the chance!

Click here to buy one!

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Doctor Who and Loki iPhone sleeves.

Doctor Who and Loki iPhone sleeves.

Sometimes we try out new items that seem like a really good idea, and which we’re so happy with as a finished product that we make a dozen of them all at once, convinced that they’ll sell like gangbusters.

And sometimes, that pays off, and they fly out of the booth.

Other times? Not so much.  And this was true with our iPhone sleeves. I like them quite a lot, and have one for my own phone. But while I’ve sold a few of them, they simply haven’t moved like I wanted them to.  So, I’ve made the decision that they will have to be discontinued.

However, I do still have a bunch of them left in stock — 5 of the Doctor Who sleeves, and 7 Loki ones. So for you guys, it turns into clearance sale! These were originally marked at $20 each, and are now marked down to $15 each.  They will fit nicely both the iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 models, so if you’ve been thinking about them, now is your chance to get one at a good price.

Click here to buy one while they last!

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