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Last week we featured our overstock of bow ties (many of which are still available, by the way), and this week’s were continuing the theme — sort of — by spotlighting our available stock of hair bows!

Like the bow ties, there were show-only items, and now that we’re done with shows, we have some leftovers we need to find good homes for. This is a perfect gift for a young geek girl, or a young-at-heart geek woman, and we’re letting them go for just $5 — a third of their original price (plus shipping, of course).

Here’s what we have left, so if you’d like one, contact me at veronica@storiedthreads.com and we’ll set up a private transaction via PayPal. If we have any given design with both metal and plastic headbands, please let me know which one you’d prefer, or we’ll pick at random. We’ll even throw in a random pin from our collection of overstock pins as a bonus gift!

This is first come, first served, and when we run out we won’t be replacing them, so act now!

  • One chibi Nick Fury (plastic headband)
  • Two SHIELD logo (plastic headbands)
  • Two Marvel logo (plastic headbands)
  • Two Firefly logo (plastic headbands)
  • Two Deadpool logo (metal headbands)
  • Three Marvel character heads (metal headbands)
  • Seven Star Trek engineering/security (four plastic, three metal headbands)
  • Eight Star Trek science (metal headbands)

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On Sunday at Boston Comic Con, while I was dealing with customers, a Deadpool cosplayer walked into the Storied Threads booth, put his arm around my shoulders, and declared to everybody within earshot that they should all shop here, this was the best booth at Comic Con. While I was caught a little off guard, I’ll be friends with anybody who gives me such a ringing endorsement, and immediately proclaimed him my favorite Deadpool, and asked for a selfie.

2014-08-10 13.15.24

Sadly, as you can see, the selfie came out terribly blurry, which is sad since it’s otherwise pretty good. ¬†On the plus side, though, it did give my husband an opportunity to take this meta version of the picture, which seems awfully appropriate.


I’ll be posting more about Boston Comic Con, including pics of some of my favorite cosplays, later. But for now, I’m going to take teh day off to rest and recover from a long and fantastic weekend!

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