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BranFalling2The other day, my sister sent me the link to an event she thought I might be interested in vending. Unlike my other conventions, this one was very specifically centered on books and literature.  We got talking about which of my items would fit into this sort of an event, and somewhere in the conversation, she suggested that I could make embroidered bookmarks.

I loved the idea so much, that I got to designing my first one that evening, a variation on my Bran falling at Winterfell patch.  This bookmark is embroidered with a grey stone tower on a field of sky blue canvas, with the silhouette of a falling boy near the bottom, and the words “The things I do for love.”

The great thing about our embroidered bookmarks — besides just being awesome bookmarks — is that are still fully funcional as sew-on patches, too! Use it to hold your place in your favorite novel, or sew them on a bag or jacket to show your literary loves to the world.

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