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New Item: Kawaii Sloth

We promised you at least two new items this month, and here’s the second of them: the kawaii sloth!

We’ve had this idea on our to-do list for a LONG time but it took us a while to get the design up to its maximum cuteness levels. We hope you think he was worth the wait! Our kawaii sloth, designed to look like he’s hanging off the border of the patch, is available on our website for $8.

You can also get his smiling face on a sticker at our Redbubble shop.


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It’s been a while since we’ve unveiled a new design, hasn’t it? We chalk that up to being extremely busy with other responsibilities, but we’re working on getting back to creating new designs on a semi-regular basis, and this month we have not one but two new patches coming your way!

Next week we’ll debut a new entry on our kawaii animals line, and we’ll give you a hint about it: this cute critter always looks perfectly happy to hang around all day.

Today, we’re adding to our Shakespeare line with this patch inspired by the play Julius Caesar. The play has been in the public eye in a big way thanks to a controversial production in which Caesar was interpreted as a certain president, and we realized it was one of the major Shakespeare shows we’ve never honored in patch form, so here it is! Get it from our website for $8!

The design is also available in our Redbubble shop on a variety of items.

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There’s little in this world more comforting and cheerful than a cute, happy animal — and in today’s current climate, we need all the comfort and cheer we can get, right?

Which is why we’re introducing our second new kawaii animal patch this month: the kawaii narwhal!

A cute narwhal? Seems like an odd choice, you might say, but there’s no reason to be confused. Narwhals are the unicorns of the sea. And who doesn’t love Mr. Narwhal from the movie Elf? See? It makes perfect sense!

Our happy narwhal patch is stitched on an ocean blue background, and you can get it at our web store for $8. You can also buy it as a sticker for $2.50 from our Redbubble shop.

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New Item: Kawaii Lamb

Let’s face it, there’s been a lot of depressing news lately.

The counter this, and to celebrate the long-awaited arrival of spring, we’d like to present a new design for our kawaii animals line, the kawaii lamb. This patch features a happy little lamp sitting on a grass-green background, just hanging out and enjoying being a cute baby sheep. It’s just $8 over on our web store, so get one now!

You can also get it as a sticker over at our Redbubble shop for $2.50.

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batrb2What could be cozier than a nice scarf to fend off the autumn chill? A scarf covered in kawaii bats hugging themselves!

Today only, get 20% off your entire Redbubble order using coupon code perfect20-storiedthreads when you check out.

Never been to our Redbubble shop? You should totally check it out – it’s full of some pretty cool stuff!

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OctopusThe latest addition to our line of kawaii animals is here! This happy little octopus swims through the deep ocean, blissfully content with its life.

This design is available as a patch in our Etsy shop and on our website. It is also available on t-shirts, dresses, phone cases, and more in our Redbubble shop.

Click here to buy the patch!

Click here to shop the design at Redbubble!


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SpoonflowerOttersWe recently introduced to you all our Kawaii Otters design, and one person commented that it would make a great summer dress.  It got us to thinking — what if we offered a selection of our designs as fabric available at Spoonflower?

The Kawaii Otters is the first of what we hope will become a successful line of fabrics.  It will take us a while to get a more complete selection up for two reasons.

First, we want to make sure that we choose only designs that lend themselves very well to the repeat pattern necessary for a fabric.  The otters, for example, have a great flow to them when repeated, becoming almost a Kawaii paisley.  We want to make sure that any fabrics we offer work just as well.

Second, Spoonflower’s policy is that fabrics cannot be made available to the public until the artist has purchased some of it themselves, as a physical proof that it prints well.  This is a great rule for quality control, but it does mean that I can’t just roll out 10 designs all at once — I need to wait until I can afford them!

OttersFabricThe otters fabric prints with a bit less saturation of color than it appears in the Spoonflower image — but I’ve found this to be true of their fabrics in general, at least in the basic cottons. I love the way the otters look against their blue water background, and made a skirt out of my sample yard to show how the fabric will look in practice.

You can purchase our Kawaii Paisley Ottters fabric on Spoonflower now.

Any other Storied Threads designs you’d love to see as fabric? Let us know!


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