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Marauders Map JeffWinter has finally arrived here in New England, and that has us wanting to bundle up in as many layers as we can. With that in mind, it seemed like a good time to show off some of our more ambitious scarf designs. While many of our scarves feature a single embroidery at the end, there are a few that are a bit more complex.

Marauder’s Map Scarf

This scarf, for instance, is embroidered at one end with the words that activate the Marauder’s Map – “I solemly swear I am up to no good” – and at the other end, the words that close it – “Mischief Managed”. Between the two, the scarf is embroidered for its entire length with footsteps showing the troublemaker’s path through the halls of Hogwarts.

DrNameInfinityDoctor’s Name Infinity Scarf

Most of our scarves are done in the standard style, a long lenght of flannel that one can wrap around their neck with the ends hanging down.  Occasionally, though, a design works well in another style — the infinity scarf. Sewn into a loop of fabric, the infinity scarf can be worn in a variety of ways both for warmth, or as a fashion accessory.

WinterSoldier1The Winter Scarf

This scarf, made in honor of cryogenically frozen soldiers-turned-assassins everywhere is embroidered at one end with a red star. Once it has been assembled, it is embroidred down its entire length with the kind of black geometric lines found on the Winter Soldier’s arm, so that they show on both sides of the scarf.

Harley Quinn Scarf

Finally, we come to our Harley Quinn Scarf. Not only is it stitched on both ends with a trio of diamonds, but unlike our other scarves, it’s constructed of two colors of flannel, giving it a unique red and black color scheme unlike any of our other designs.

Harley QuinnOf course, this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to scarves that we make. Visit our website to see the whole selection!



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Today’s frigid New England weather is a clear reminder to me that winter is on its way.  So, it seemed like a perfect time to remind you all of the many, MANY amazingly geeky — and warm! — scarves we have to offer!  All of the scarves yous see here can be purchased on our website.

And don’t forget — the holidays are coming, and with all of our products made to order, you want to make sure you do your gift shopping early so that you receive things on time!

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Marauders Map Jeff

Photo by Lauren Dubois

Apparently, Friday was Hermione Granger’s birthday. Happy birthday, Hermione!

Add to that the fact that, for the first time this autumn, I needed to wear a scarf and gloves while walking my dog yesterday morning, and it seemed like the perfect time to spotlight our Marauder’s Map scarf.

At one end of this parchment colored scarf are the words, “I solemnly swear I am up to no good.”  From there, embroidered foot prints march the entire length of the scarf until they reach the other end, which proclaims, “Mischief managed.” A perfect holiday gift for the Harry Potter fan in your life!

Click here to buy one!

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