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There’s little in this world more comforting and cheerful than a cute, happy animal — and in today’s current climate, we need all the comfort and cheer we can get, right?

Which is why we’re introducing our second new kawaii animal patch this month: the kawaii narwhal!

A cute narwhal? Seems like an odd choice, you might say, but there’s no reason to be confused. Narwhals are the unicorns of the sea. And who doesn’t love Mr. Narwhal from the movie Elf? See? It makes perfect sense!

Our happy narwhal patch is stitched on an ocean blue background, and you can get it at our web store for $8. You can also buy it as a sticker for $2.50 from our Redbubble shop.


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Photo by Lauren Dubois.

For my latest Spoonflower fabric, I wanted to do something other than a basic circle skirt for my project photo. I decided to do a simple jersey cotton dress, found myself a pattern to use, and set to work cutting out the pieces — only to discover halfway through that I’d laid the pattern out wrong, and all of my lovely trees were upside down.

I’m not going to lie — there was a lot of swearing, and I may have hurled the now useless fabric against the wall and quit for the day.

Two days later, I got over myself and ordered two more yards of Cotton Spandex Jersey from Spoonflower. And two days after that, I realized that as it would be well into autumn by the time I finally got this summer dress made and photographed, I could use some of the old fabric (which was still in a pile in the corner of my studio) to make some cozy matching armwarmers.

yggdrasilrb3The print was quite large on this fabric, which is great for a dress or other large product. But I wanted to make sure the pattern was versatile, so I’ve also made available a smaller version, at about half the size of the original. This photo shows a swatch of the smaller fabric overlaid on the dress I made of the original, for comparison.

Both fabric patterns can be found in my growing selection of prints in my Spoonflower shop. Keep an eye out, as I continue to add more!


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babayagaFairy tales have been a part of my culture for centuries, since long before the Grimm brothers began collecting them and writing them down. They’ve changed — oftentimes edited by the Grimms themselves — and been re-told and re-imagined so many times it’s difficult to keep track of them all. And yet in each one, there are images and moments that are iconic, and which always stay with us, through all the re-tellings.

babayagarbThis design shows Vasilisa first arriving at Baba Yaga’s hut, ringed by its fence of fire-eyed skulls. It is available as a patch on our website and in our Etsy shop, and is available as a sticker and more on Redbubble.

Click here to buy one!

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demonfaeclaspkneed1DemonFae are vain, mischievous, sneaky, irreverent, and cause no end of distraction. Lucky for them, they’re adorable, or they’d be getting hit with flyswatters!
This design is the result of two artisans’ visions. Veronica of Storied Threads has teamed up with New Orleans based artist Marrus – a shenanigan-inciter whose metaphorical, whimsical paintings are collected all over the world.
This piece is made using the same construction techniques as our other patches, so feel free to stitch it onto a bag or a jacket if you like. However, it truly is a work of art, suitable of framing and hanging on the wall alongside your other Marrus prints!

demonfaeclaspkneed2This is a patch that has been nine months in the making, according to the time stamp on the first e-mail exchanges between Marrus and I. It seemed as though whenever I had the time to work on it, Marrus was crazy busy with shows and work and life. And when Marrus had time, I was the one with a million things going on! But finally, the first of the DemonFae patches is ready! And hopefully the next ones will be much quicker to appear, now that we’ve got a better sense of what needs to be done to let Marrus’s amazing art be transformed into amazing embroidery.

This patch can be purchased in my Etsy shop, and on my website. I will also — I hope! — have a few available for purchase at the Connecticut Renaissance Faire, which opens this weekend.

Click here to buy one!

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bulldoglaptop1One of our customers loved our Bulldog Lover patch so much that she requested an enlarged version on a laptop bag, and we loved how it came out so much that we’ve decided to make it available to everybody! If you follow Storied Threads on any of our social media (and I hope that you do!) it should come as no surprise that the design is based on our own bulldog, Beatrix. We’re pretty big fans of bulldogs and their smooshy, kissable faces!

This bag is available in our Etsy shop and on our website.

Click here to buy one!

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2016-09-05 17.15.14Sometimes, people assume that if you’re reading a book that it means you’re open to conversation. Wearing headphones? Not always a deterrant. So take advantage of our “This Time is For Me” bookmark to send a clear message!

Do you prefer to read on an electronic device, or want to make sure your privacy is respected when on a computer? No problem! This new design is also available at Redbubble – get it as a sticker, device case or skin, mug, or t-shirt for whenever you need your private time to be respected.

MeTimeRBClick here to buy the bookmark!

Click here to shop the design at Redbubble!


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OctopusThe latest addition to our line of kawaii animals is here! This happy little octopus swims through the deep ocean, blissfully content with its life.

This design is available as a patch in our Etsy shop and on our website. It is also available on t-shirts, dresses, phone cases, and more in our Redbubble shop.

Click here to buy the patch!

Click here to shop the design at Redbubble!


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