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Happy New Year! Hope everyone had a great weekend and you’re ready to hit the ground running for 2017!

We know we’re ready to go, and the first thing we’re doing is a little spring cleaning (metaphorically, of course) within our line of products. Twice a year we look at our sales figures and decide whether to retire items that no longer sell well, and today we’re announcing the retirement of several patch and accessory designs.

You’ll notice a lot of our pop culture-inspired items are on this list. This is part of our ongoing effort to move away from fan art-type products and focus on properties in the public domain and wholly original designs, such as our Geek Merit Badge line, and in the coming months we plan to continue whittling away at these sections of our website.

But for now, here is a comprehensive list of items we will be retiring at the end of the month, so if you see anything here you’d like to buy, you have until January 31 to do so. After that, the items will be removed from our website and Etsy shops forever. All items listed are patches unless otherwise specifically noted.


Harley Quinn – Puddin’!


Don’t Blink


Vote Saxon – Change the Future




All items will be retired!


Fear Cuts Deeper than Swords

House Arryn

House Baratheon – small

House Baratheon – large/heraldry

House Greyjoy – large/heraldry

House Lannister – large/heraldry

House Stark – large/heraldry

House Targaryen – large/heraldry

House Tully – small

House Tyrell – small


Misty Mountain

Royal Aerial Corps


Better Off Ted – Veridian Dynamics

Buffy the Vampire Slayer – Minimalist Spike

Community – Troy and Abed in the Morning!

Galaxy Quest – By Grabthar’s hammer, you shall be avenged!

Pacific Rim – Drift Compatible

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead – We’re actors — We’re the opposite of people!

Zombieland – Rule #1: Cardio male and female versions


Bioshock – Rapture Colony


There’s No Place Like


The Game is On!

All remaining Sherlock items will be moved to the Literature section of the website


Elixir label

Love Potion label


All items will be retired!


Release the Kraken!


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FantasticBefore I go, I just want to tell you, you were fantastic. Absolutely fantastic. And do you know what? So was I.

Happy birthday, Christopher Eccleston!

“Fantastic!” patch is available on our website.

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Bad Wolf Tablet 1Our small Bad Wolf messenger bag was such an immediate success, that we’ve decided to follow it up pretty quickly with a tablet / netbook sized version. Which was so well received that our prototype was sold before the first day of Boston Comic Con was over!

This messenger bag is made of a gray cotton canvas and is embroidered with a TARDIS blue brick pattern behind the graffiti’d words “BAD WOLF”.

Our Tablet / Netbook bags have an interior measurement of 12″ wide by 9″ tall and 3.5″ deep. They feature a wide elastic band against the back wall, to hold your iPad, netbook, or other electronics securely in place while leaving room for other items in front.

Click here to buy one!

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I am the Bad Wolf. I create myself.

I am the Bad Wolf. I create myself.

This messenger bag is made of a gray cotton canvas and is embroidered with a TARDIS blue brick pattern behind the graffiti’d words “BAD WOLF”.

Our small messenger bags are the perfect size for carrying just what you need — wallet, keys, phone, and even a book. They have one compartment inside, which measures 10.5″ wide by 6″ tall by 2″ deep, and fasten securely with two adjustable plastic side-release clasps. Straps are 4 feet long.

Click here to buy one!

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