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I have a customer who comes to me every year to make him a patch for his Fantasy Football team.  Every year, it’s something wildly different from the year before, and every year it’s one of the pieces I’m most proud of. So this post is nothing but a coollection of those patches, because I simply want to share them.

Interested in having some custom work done? Feel free to contact me for details!


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Last week, we announced our new collaboration with Marrus for a series of DemonFae patches, and the first in that series, “Starry Contemplation“.  Today, I want to let you know that “Starry Contemplation” is available in six differnt background colors, each of which change the mood and the feel of the piece considerably!  All six can be purchased on our website at any time, or at the Connecticut Renaissance Faire this month.


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demonfaeclaspkneed1DemonFae are vain, mischievous, sneaky, irreverent, and cause no end of distraction. Lucky for them, they’re adorable, or they’d be getting hit with flyswatters!
This design is the result of two artisans’ visions. Veronica of Storied Threads has teamed up with New Orleans based artist Marrus – a shenanigan-inciter whose metaphorical, whimsical paintings are collected all over the world.
This piece is made using the same construction techniques as our other patches, so feel free to stitch it onto a bag or a jacket if you like. However, it truly is a work of art, suitable of framing and hanging on the wall alongside your other Marrus prints!

demonfaeclaspkneed2This is a patch that has been nine months in the making, according to the time stamp on the first e-mail exchanges between Marrus and I. It seemed as though whenever I had the time to work on it, Marrus was crazy busy with shows and work and life. And when Marrus had time, I was the one with a million things going on! But finally, the first of the DemonFae patches is ready! And hopefully the next ones will be much quicker to appear, now that we’ve got a better sense of what needs to be done to let Marrus’s amazing art be transformed into amazing embroidery.

This patch can be purchased in my Etsy shop, and on my website. I will also — I hope! — have a few available for purchase at the Connecticut Renaissance Faire, which opens this weekend.

Click here to buy one!

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With our summer conventions behind us, we’re now gearing up for our last ever Connecticut Renaissance Faire. With that in mind, I thought this week I’d spotlight some of our patches inspired by history.

boleynAnn Boleyn’s Necklace Patch

Anne Boleyn’s classic “B” necklace is embroidered here, with blood dripping from the center pearl, foreshadowing her eventual beheading by Henry VIII as he clears the way for his next wife, Jane Seymour.

Ann’s daughter, Queen Elizabeth I, reigns at the Connecticut Renaissance Faire now, and so this patch seems especially appropriate to highlight as we head into that show.

You can also purchase this design on products in our Redbubble shop.

Equally relevant, coming from Elizabeth’s ancestry through her father, Henry VIII, is our next design.

tudor-roseTudor Rose Embroidery

In 1485, Henry Tudor defeated King Richard III in battle, thus ending the War of the Roses. As King Henry VII, he married Elizabeth of York, and symbolically combined the red rose of Lancaster and the white rose of York into one sigil — the Tudor Rose.

We have made this design available not only on the scarves pictured here, but also on patches and messenger bags. It’s a great way to show of the history nerd in you, using a design that is timeless in its beauty.

Like Ann Boleyn’s necklace, the Tudor Rose is available on a variety of items in our Redbubble shop.

richard-iiiRichard III, No Parking Patch

Show the king some respect, and move your damn car!

This design is one of our best selling historically themed patches. Inspired by the excavation that found King Richard IIII’s lost body buried under a car park several years ago, it continues to send those who get the joke into fits of laughter when they see it.

As with the others on this list, of course, this design is also available at Redbubble.

You can shop our full History section on our website, or join us at the Connecticut Renaissance Faire every weekend in October to shop not only with us, but with all of the other wonderful merchants who will be there.



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It’s September, and while I know I could still be disappointed by some stupidly hot days, autumn is imminent! While we don’t have any designs that are specifically tagged “autumn”, we do have some that make me think of this, the best of all seasons. So here they are!

Leaf on the WindI am a Leaf on the Wind PatchI am a Leaf on the Wind Patch

Fun fact: “I am a leaf on the wind, watch how I soar” was a mantra used by kamikaze pilots in World War II. They would use it to calm themselves as they made their final flights, heading towards certain death. Cool, huh?

Oh, and, you know. Wash.

Hugin_MuninHugin and Munin

Although ravens are not truly creatures that exits only in the fall, they do make me think of the season anyway. I associate them with crunching leaves, crisp breezes, and – of course – cemeteries.

Odin’s ravens, Hugin and Munin (meaning “thought” and “memory”) are charged with bringing him information from all over Midgard.  Our interpretation of the ravens are shown perched on opposite ends of a branch, in pseudo-playing card style.

Fun fact: This patch is based on photos I took of ravens in the Tower of London. They made great models. And ravens are much bigger than I ever knew!

BabyGhostAdorable Glow-in-the-Dark Boo! Ghost

With autumn, of course, comes Halloween. And what is more perfect for Halloween (or for your everyday spooky sensibilities) than this adorable ghost? It is trying hard to scare you, but just can’t quite pull it off. Some things are just too cute to be scary.

Happy autumn, everybody!

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TerrifiCon_RACI know that a lot of people use my patches as elements for costumes or cosplays, but it is rare that I actually get to see them in person. So it was very exciting for me to see not one, but TWO examples at TerrifiCon this past weekend!

This couple purchased my Temeraire patches, inspired by the books of Naomi Novik, at last year’s TerrifiCon.  They were inspired by them to design and create full Royal Aerial Corps uniforms, complete with beautiful embroidery of their own, which they rocked all weekend long! The uniforms were even personalized to show which dragon each of them served  on, and other details about their individual characters.

TerrifiCon_PawneeGoddessLast year, I sold dozens of Pawnee Goddesses patches to customers who let me know that they were going to be doing that as a Halloween costume, so I knew that it was a thing. But this weekend was the first time I’d actually seen one of them in person, when this amazing Pawnee Goddess showed up in my booth. Her costume was completed by all of the  merit badges stitched to her purple vest below the one I had made, and I couldn’t stop smiling to see her!

Speaking of Halloween costumes – if you’re hoping to get some patches from us for that purpose, I recommend ordering sooner rather than later! Our fall is packed full of shows and commitments, and October is one of our busiest months for online orders. It’s always better to order early and be sure you have your patches in time, rather than risk it showing up in November!

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Both of today’s new patches were originally made for a customer request.  He had shopped with us at a convention and purchased many other Lovecraft themed patches, and when he got home he sent me an email asking if these two bag designs could be done as patches as well.  When they were finished, we liked the way they looked so much that we decided to add them to our online offerings!

HerbertWestHerbert West Patch

Sure, his experiments may be deemed “immoral”, “crazy”, or “illegal” by those who don’t understand his vision. But someday? Herbert West will change the world!

This patch is made of khaki-olive cotton canvas, and embroidered in black thread with the words, “Herbert West, Miskatonic University, School of Medicine”.

This patch is available in our Etsy shop, and on our website.

PickmanPickman School of Art Patch

Are you afraid of the dark? Of subterranean spaces? Screams of terror and demonic figures? No? Then the Pickman School of Art is the perfect place for you to hone your craft! Inspired by HP Lovecraft’s short horror story “Pickman’s Model”, this patch is embroidered on off whilte cotton canvas.

This patch is available in our Etsy shop, and on our website.


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