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I’m privileged to know a lot of fantastic artists of all kinds — actors, singers, musicians, dancers, writers, fine and graphic artists — and I like to support them however I can.

Two of those artists have taken to Patreon to support themselves as working artists. For those unfamiliar with the site, it’s a crowdfunding resource for artists. People can offer to contribute money on a monthly basis to an artist, and in exchange the artist provides supporters with various perks based on their contribution level.

The first artist I want to draw (see what I did there?) your attention to his my friend Marrus, with whom I’ve collaborated on the Demon Fae patches. I’ve been a fan of hers for years and I’m happy to call her a friend as well as an occasional partner in art.

The other artist I’m spotlighting is Patricia Lupien, who does the artwork for my husband’s novels. She just started up her Patreon page a few weeks ago and it’s in its early stages, but I expect to see a lot of cool stuff coming out of it in the weeks and months ahead.

In addition to their Patreon pages, they both sell their wares online, so go check them out and buy yourself some awesome art!


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Since we’re winding down the year and it’s traditional to do end-of-year countdowns and reviews — and because I’m feeling a little drained from the stress of filling holiday orders — this week’s Sharing the Love entry is a review of the artists and businesses I’ve spotlighted here throughout 2016.

January – indie author of swashbuckling historical fiction J.M. Aucoin


February – New Orleans-based artist Marrus

Marrus896, Tue Aug 19, 2014, 10:45:44 AM,  8C, 4512x5734,  (88+1002), 66%, bent 6 stops,  1/10 s, R126.7, G103.0, B112.7

Marrus896, Tue Aug 19, 2014, 10:45:44 AM, 8C, 4512×5734, (88+1002), 66%, bent 6 stops, 1/10 s, R126.7, G103.0, B112.7

March- Connecticut playwright Scott Kegler


April – costume designer extraordinaire Eldritch Arts


May – steampunk clothing designers Chrononaut Mercantile


June – all-woman stage combat troupe the Vixens en Garde

Vixens En Garde

July – illustrator and graphic artist Patricia Lupien


August – chainmail artist Meloria Maille


September – indie author (and Storied Threads minion and husband) Michael Bailey


October – faire photographer Festival Fotos


November – Worcester, MA-based comic book shop That’s Entertainment


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Reading a book with cover art by Patricia Lupien, while waring a t-shirt from her Redbubble shop.

Welcome to the latest installment of our ongoing series, Sharing the Love. There are a lot of small and independent artists out there working in all sorts of mediums — writers, painters, jewelry makers, leather crafters, actors…this list could go on and on. And it turns out, I know and admire an awful lot of them!

I’ve known Patricia Lupien for almost 15 years now. She and my husband, Michael Bailey, had been friends for years, and shortly after he and I started dating, he asked me to be his plus one to her wedding, for which he was a groomsman.  And years later, when he and I got married, Tricia was his Best Woman in our wedding party. So it’s no wonder that when he found himself in need of a cover artist for his new book series, Action Figures, Patricia wa the first person he thought of. Since then, she has done the cover art for seven books for him, and is working on number eight.


As soon as I have some money, I am so buying this dress from Patricia’s shop!

In addition to being a fantastic illustrator, Patricia is a graphic designer to be reckoned with a variety of text art and more abstract design available in her Redbubble shop alongside her amazing illustrations. No matter what your personal tastes are, she likely has something that will appeal to your sense of fun!

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IMG_0612Now that Super MegaFest is behind us, our focus here in the Storied Threads studio is to get ready for our next event – the OtherWhere Spring Steam Faire in Lowell, MA. As the name indicates, the theme of this event is steampunk, and so we’re trying to beef up our selections in that area. We’ve added the Steampunk patch to our geek merit badge line, and are working on a few bags along that theme that will be exclusively offered at this show.

We haven’t done a Steampunk themed show since 2010, when we were a part of a small Steampunk event at the Charles River Museum of Industry and Innovation – the event that eventually grew into the Watch City Steampunk Festival. We were offered an opportunity then to purchase ad space in the event’s program, and decided to take them up on the offer.

IMG_0584That, however, meant needing pictures! Storied Threads was still focused on clothing and garb at that time, so Mike and I set up a small photo shoot in our studio. And by “small”, I really mean that I got dressed in some of my appropriate clothes, grabbed some accessories, and Mike took pictures in front of the backdrop we used then for website photography.

When we were done, I selected a few favorite pictures, and sent them off to Patricia Lupien, who has been my graphic designer since the beginning of this wild ride, and asked her to design an ad for me to use in the event flyer. Hiring a graphic designer, by the way, is ALWAYS a good idea! Even when I’ve had ideas for how I wanted ads to look, I’d send my roughs to Patricia for her to make really good and slick.  There’s a reason why she’s the professional!

Here is the final ad she did for me back then. Aside from the logo, there’s very little about it that is representative of how Storied Threads looks now. It’s fun to look back, and see how much things have changed. And fun to remember when this was the face of Storied Threads!

Steampunk ST2-1

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2014-05-18 05.50.28Just had to show off to you all my new t-shirt, which features the amazing art from the back cover of Action Figures – Issue Two: Black Magic Women!  The art is by Patricia Lupien, and you can get this (as well as other amazing things) in her Redbubble shop.

The Action Figures books are written by my husband, Michael Bailey, and they are also amazing.  You can get both Issue One: Secret Origins and Issue Two: Black Magic Women at Amazon, either in hard copy or as a Kindle e-book.  He’s writing Issue Three now, and I can’t wait for it, since this is the first time that I am absolutely in the dark about what comes next!

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