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On Tuesday we unveiled our new Notorious RBG patch, so in keeping with the theme of persistent women, we’d like to spotlight a few designs that should appeal to strong women — and those who stand behind them.

PawneeGoddessesFirst we have the Pawnee Goddess patch ($14), one of our best sellers. Wear this and let everyone know you are a goddess, a glorious female warrior, queen of all that you survey, and enemies of fairness and equality will hear your womanly roar.




Though She Be LittleNext is another favorite among our customers, the “Though she be but little, she is fierce” patch ($7), quoting the great line from Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. The quote is also available on an embroidered bookmark ($8).




poc-superheroEven if you don’t have superhuman abilities, you might be a real-life superhero — someone who gives of herself to benefit others and fights injustice wherever you find it. For you, we have the Superhero Geek Merit Badge ($8). We have four variations, for women and men, for people of color and in Caucasian flesh tone.


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Yep, it’s that time of year again, when we take the lazy way out and regale you with an end-of-the-year countdown lisitcle kind of thing. But let’s be honest; you’re probably too geared up for your New Year’s Eve festivities to put much effort into reading anything, so it benefits both of us.

So here we go, the top items of 2016!


  1. TerrifiCon_PawneeGoddessPawnee Goddess. For the second year in a row, a late-year surge in sales for Halloween pushed this patch to the top of our best-seller list. We made more than 100 of these patches this year!
  2. X-Files: I Want to Believe. Our longtime number one best-seller continues to do well and has a lock on the number two slot.
  3. Plague Survivor Geek Merit Badge. Another longtime top seller, which this year barely eked out its spot at number three over another Geek Merit Badge…
  4. Final Girl Geek Merit Badge. This design got a big boost after it was featured in an article online (sorry, I can’t find it again to re-post the link). It was a top ten seller last year and barely missed the number three position by one sale. Maybe next year!
  5. Though She Be But Little, She Is Fierce. Another past top ten seller making it into the top five! I’m always thrilled when someone buys a Shakespeare patch.

In the interest of efficiency, I’ll just spotlight the top items across my non-patch catalog of items.

Away Team Science Small 1The best-selling bag of 2016 is the blue Science version of our Star Trek-inspired Away Team bags. These were always the best selling bags at shows and we hope the love for them continues in 2017, our first year as a strictly online business.

Our top scarf design was the Harley Quinn-inspired harlequin scarf. Our best-selling necktie design featured the anti-demonic possession tattoo from Supernatural — which, I will note, will soon be retired as a design, so if you want to get one, go order one now! And our top embroidered bookmark was inspired by the greatest stage direction of all time, from Shakespeare’s A Winter’s Tale, “Exit, Pursued by a Bear.”

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TerrifiCon_RACI know that a lot of people use my patches as elements for costumes or cosplays, but it is rare that I actually get to see them in person. So it was very exciting for me to see not one, but TWO examples at TerrifiCon this past weekend!

This couple purchased my Temeraire patches, inspired by the books of Naomi Novik, at last year’s TerrifiCon.  They were inspired by them to design and create full Royal Aerial Corps uniforms, complete with beautiful embroidery of their own, which they rocked all weekend long! The uniforms were even personalized to show which dragon each of them served  on, and other details about their individual characters.

TerrifiCon_PawneeGoddessLast year, I sold dozens of Pawnee Goddesses patches to customers who let me know that they were going to be doing that as a Halloween costume, so I knew that it was a thing. But this weekend was the first time I’d actually seen one of them in person, when this amazing Pawnee Goddess showed up in my booth. Her costume was completed by all of the  merit badges stitched to her purple vest below the one I had made, and I couldn’t stop smiling to see her!

Speaking of Halloween costumes – if you’re hoping to get some patches from us for that purpose, I recommend ordering sooner rather than later! Our fall is packed full of shows and commitments, and October is one of our busiest months for online orders. It’s always better to order early and be sure you have your patches in time, rather than risk it showing up in November!

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PawneeGoddessesIn the last week or so, we’ve had a massive run on our Pawnee Goddess patches — so much so that one of our machines is doing nothing today EXCEPT making those. And many of the people who have ordered them have mentioned to us that it will be for their Halloween costume, which made us realize — it’s almost Halloween!  With all of the excitement getting ready for the Connecticut Renaissance Faire, we nearly forgot! We have quite a few patches that can provide the finishing touch to a costume, so I thought I’d do a quick post to highlight a few of them for you.

SMart AshS-Mart Name Badge

Thinking of doing an Evil Dead / Army of Darkness inspired costume? Our S-Mart name badge patch is the perfect finishing touch! With this one addition, you likely even have the rest of what you’d need right in your closet, making for a fairly inexpensive and easy Halloween costume.

Camp Crystal Lake BloodyCamp Crystal Lake Counselor

Continuing in a horror movie vein, we also offer Camp Crystal Lake Counselor patches.  In fact, this design is available in two variations — the clean version, from when camp is new and fresh and fun. And the blood spattered mid-massacre version, pictured here. Add this patch to a polo shirt and pair it with some khaki shorts or jeans, and you instantly become a counselor at the  most doomed summer camp in the country.

PendragonPendragon Heraldry

For those of you who prefer an Arthurian-themed costume, we have the Pendragon shield. The perfect addition to a surcoat, cloak, or wherever you’d like to wear your heraldic device, and proclaiming yourself the once and future king of England.

Captain Hammer Patch

Another easy one to pull from your closet! All you need is a black t-shirt, some black gloves, and a pair of jeans. Add our Captain Hammer patch to the front of your shirt, and voila – instant costume!

CaptainHammerIt’s important, though, to remember that Storied Threads is a small business, and all of our patches are made to order.  If you do need something for a Halloween costume, I have several pieces of advice.
1) Order NOW.
2) Include Priority shipping. First class is slower, and does not include tracking info.
3) When you place your order, please tell me it’s for a Halloween costume! And if the party you’re going to is earlier than the 31st, let me know that as well.  If I don’t know you need it on a schedule, I can’t make efforts to ensure you have it on time.

Happy Halloween, everybody!

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PawneeGoddess1I am a goddess, a glorious female warrior. Queen of all that I survey. Enemies of fairness and equality, hear my womanly roar. Yeah!

Our Pawnee Goddesses patch has been so popular since we started making it that we decided we should make a bag as well. The badge is stitched here on purple cotton canvas, and accented with black buckles and strapping.

Click here to buy one!

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PawneeGoddessesI am a goddess, a glorious female warrior. Queen of all that I survey. Enemies of fairness and equality, hear my womanly roar. Yeah!

This sew-on patch, inspired by Parks and Recreation‘s Pawnee Goddesses, is fully stitched on sturdy cotton canvas, and measures approximately 3.75″ wide by 4″ tall.

Click here to buy one!

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