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A few years ago I took a trip to London, and of course I took pictures of everything.

This week’s new design features a photo I took of Tower Bridge as seen from the Tower of London, which I’ve made available on apparel and merchandise available through my Redbubble shop. Go check it out!

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There’s little in this world more comforting and cheerful than a cute, happy animal — and in today’s current climate, we need all the comfort and cheer we can get, right?

Which is why we’re introducing our second new kawaii animal patch this month: the kawaii narwhal!

A cute narwhal? Seems like an odd choice, you might say, but there’s no reason to be confused. Narwhals are the unicorns of the sea. And who doesn’t love Mr. Narwhal from the movie Elf? See? It makes perfect sense!

Our happy narwhal patch is stitched on an ocean blue background, and you can get it at our web store for $8. You can also buy it as a sticker for $2.50 from our Redbubble shop.

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Last week I unveiled in my Redbubble shop’s photography design section a piece using a photo I took while enjoying my holidays on the Jersey shore.

seashellsrbAs promised, here is the second new design from that vacation, a simple still life featuring some seashells I collected while walking the beach with my dog Beatrix. This image looks great on graphic print T-shirts, laptop and tablet skins, a tote bag, or as straightforward wall art.

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We have a couple of new items coming through our Redbubble shop, both of which come courtesy of my trip to the Jersey shore over the holidays.

sunriserbThe first of these new photographic designs is “Sunrise Over the Atlantic,” which I took from the shore on our last day at our holiday vacation rental. You can get this design on T-shirts and other clothing, phone cases, laptop skins, and other accessories.

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On Tuesday we unveiled our new Frankenstein-inspired design, which we’ve made available not only as an embroidered bookmark but on assorted merchandise through our Redbubble shop.

When it comes to offering items through Redbubble, I often have to experiment with placement so the design works well on whatever item it’ll appear on. Sometimes, no matter how much I tweak and fiddle, a design simply does not work on certain items, so I make the decision to simply not offer a specific piece of merchandise.

I made that decision this week when I realized that the Frankenstein design, when placed on a skirt, was a little too suggestive for its own good. The placement of the hand and the lightning made the piece unintentionally humorous, so I thought it better to take a pass on skirts — but far be it from me to turn up a chance to share a juvenile laugh with everyone, so for your amusement, here’s what the skirt looked like. Enjoy, and we hope everyone has a great Christmas weekend!


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cemeteryfogrbI’m having a lot of fun with my new line of Redbubble items featuring my photography, and today’s new item spotlights a photo I took one misty morning while walking through the cemetery across from my condo complex. I especially like how the photo presents the illusion of being in black and white even though it’s a color image.

You can get this design, along with my other photo designs, on a variety of merchandise, from T-shirts and dresses to phone cases and tablet skins.

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jellyfish-laptopWhen my husband and I vacationed in Quebec last year, one of the places we visited was Aquarium du Quebec, which featured an entire room dedicated to jellyfish. I took a lot of cool pictures in that room alone, and I decided to take one of my favorites and add it to my RedBubble line featuring my photography.

The image, Jellyfish in the Deep Blue, is available on a wide variety of items, from T-shirts and tote bags to stickers and laptop skins.

And today is a great day to grab one of those items, or anything else from my RedBubble shop, because you can get 20 percent off your order if you use the coupon code FORTHEM20, but that code is good only until midnight tonight!

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