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“I grew up in Europe, where the history comes from.” – Eddie Izzard

I am a big European history nerd, and I’ve learned that many of my customers are too. I’ve been thinking about trying to come up with some new designs for my History line, but for now I’ll just spotlight a few items I’m especially fond of.

One of my earliest European history designs was inspired by a viewing of the TV show The Tudors (not a great show by the way, especially if you’re a hardcore history and costuming geek like me). The Anne Boleyn patch ($8) depicts Anne’s iconic necklace dropping with blood, which foreshadows her unfortunate fate.

After the body of King Richard III was discovered under a car park, I came up with the Here Lyes Richard III – No Parkyng patch ($9) mostly as a joke. I didn’t think anyone else would appreciate the gag, but I soon discovered I wasn’t the only person who found it funny. This always got a good reaction at shows among history fans, and I sometimes receive e-mails from customers who discovered the patch and had to tell me how much they love it.

In 1485, Henry Tudor defeated King Richard III in battle, thus ending the War of the Roses. As King Henry VII, he married Elizabeth of York, and symbolically combined the red rose of Lancaster and the white rose of York into one sigil — the Tudor Rose. I love the design, which is why I’ve made it available as a patch ($9), on a scarf ($23), and on small messenger ($38), tablet ($53), and laptop bags ($58).

And remember, all three of these designs are available on a variety of products in my Redbubble shop!


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With our summer conventions behind us, we’re now gearing up for our last ever Connecticut Renaissance Faire. With that in mind, I thought this week I’d spotlight some of our patches inspired by history.

boleynAnn Boleyn’s Necklace Patch

Anne Boleyn’s classic “B” necklace is embroidered here, with blood dripping from the center pearl, foreshadowing her eventual beheading by Henry VIII as he clears the way for his next wife, Jane Seymour.

Ann’s daughter, Queen Elizabeth I, reigns at the Connecticut Renaissance Faire now, and so this patch seems especially appropriate to highlight as we head into that show.

You can also purchase this design on products in our Redbubble shop.

Equally relevant, coming from Elizabeth’s ancestry through her father, Henry VIII, is our next design.

tudor-roseTudor Rose Embroidery

In 1485, Henry Tudor defeated King Richard III in battle, thus ending the War of the Roses. As King Henry VII, he married Elizabeth of York, and symbolically combined the red rose of Lancaster and the white rose of York into one sigil — the Tudor Rose.

We have made this design available not only on the scarves pictured here, but also on patches and messenger bags. It’s a great way to show of the history nerd in you, using a design that is timeless in its beauty.

Like Ann Boleyn’s necklace, the Tudor Rose is available on a variety of items in our Redbubble shop.

richard-iiiRichard III, No Parking Patch

Show the king some respect, and move your damn car!

This design is one of our best selling historically themed patches. Inspired by the excavation that found King Richard IIII’s lost body buried under a car park several years ago, it continues to send those who get the joke into fits of laughter when they see it.

As with the others on this list, of course, this design is also available at Redbubble.

You can shop our full History section on our website, or join us at the Connecticut Renaissance Faire every weekend in October to shop not only with us, but with all of the other wonderful merchants who will be there.



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The Robin Hood Springtime Festival opens in just two days, you guys! In celebration, our theme for this Thursday will be a medieval one.

Lion RampantLion Rampant Patch

This patch features one of the most popular medieval heraldic devices – a lion rampant. We’ve stitched the lion in gold with a red tongue on a black field.  Or, to put that properly in the language of heraldry: Sable, lion rampant or, langue gules.

We’ve made this design is available in two sizes – our standard small shield patch, or in a large size patch suitable for the back of a jacket, or for the front of a knight’s surcoat.

Of course, every knight needs a great leader, which leads us to…

Richard IIIRichard III Patch

Alright, maybe he was only a good leader. Well, he was okay. Sadly, in the end, Richard III was killed in battle, his body dragged off and buried by his enemies who knows where.

Wait, we DO know where! Under a car park, recently discovered, identified, and re-interred with respect at Leicester Cathedral.

You can still buy our No Parkyng patch even though he’s no longer there, though. because let’s be honest – it’s just funny.

You can also purchase the design in our Redbubble shop, available on a variety of products from t-shirts to stickers to travel mugs.

Tudor RoseTudor Rose

Okay, technically this design is Tudor, and not medieval. But since it was Henry VII who defeated Richard III and adopted this as his house sigil, it seems like a pretty fine line to me.

Our embroidered Tudor Rose is available as a patch, on a scarf, or on any of our messenger size bags, so it really gets around. You know — like Henry VIII did.

It’s also available in our Redbubble shop on — you guessed it! — a wide variety of products.

We will have all of these designs – and so much more! – available for sale at the Robin Hood Springtime Festival. The show runs for three weekends, so if you’re in the area, stop on by!

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Richard IIICelebrating Richard III’s re-interment at Leicester Cathedral yesterday with our humorous take on the discovery of his remains in 2012.

Show the king some respect, and move your bloody car!

This sew-on patch is stitched on white cotton canvas and measures 2.75″ wide by 4.13″ tall.

Click here to buy one!

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Cosplay is Not Consent sticker, available at Redbubble.

Cosplay is Not Consent sticker, available at Redbubble.

Since Mike spent his Saturday at rehearsal for the Connecticut Renaissance Faire, I decided to spend the day downstairs, watching movies he was uninterested in on Netflix, cuddling the dog, and prepping more of our embroidery to be sold on Redbubble.  In the end, I wound up adding quite a few new items to our offerings.  There are now stickers available from our history and mythology lines, several literature-inspired stickers, including Sherlock Holmes, Lovecraft, and Dracula, and a selection of our Fandom Pride items.

221B cell phone case, available at Redbubble.

221B cell phone case, available at Redbubble.

In a few cases, where I felt they worked well, I also made designs available on cell phone cases.  All of the Fandom Pride items can be purchased that way, as well as London Tube signs, 221B, and our “Here Lyes Richard III” sign.

I’m really happy with how the Redbubble shop is coming along, and I hope you all like it, too! Feel free to follow me there, mark items as your favorites, and add them to you Amazon list using Amazon’s Universal Wishlist button. Oh, and of course, feel free to go shopping!

Loki's Army sticker, available at Redbubble.

Loki’s Army sticker, available at Redbubble.

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