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Frankenscarf2We wrote here a while ago about our new Frankenscarves, made of pieced-together flannel remnants we had in the studio. We weren’t sure at the time whether or not we would list them online, or only offer them at shows.

As it turns out, Frankenscarves are REALLY hard to display well at shows! And when you can’t display something well, you can’t sell it. So, we decided to change tacks and offer these scarves online! They are available ONLY in our Etsy shop, and there are only three of each stripe pattern available.

Whether or not we make more Frankenscarves will depend entirely on how well this first batch does. I hope that the many pictures, allowing them to be better seen, will showcase them well and they’ll really catch on so that I can use the rest of my flannel remnants. If that doesn’t happen – well, it was an experiment worth trying, right?

Frankenscarf1This scarf is made of approximately 7 feet feet of flannel stripes, and top stitched in black for that extra bit of Frankenstein goodness. There are only THREE available in each stripe pattern, so get them while they last!

Click here to buy the Frankenscarf with the gold bit of flannel!

Click here to buy the Frankenscarf with the red bit of flannel!


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Marauders Map JeffWinter has finally arrived here in New England, and that has us wanting to bundle up in as many layers as we can. With that in mind, it seemed like a good time to show off some of our more ambitious scarf designs. While many of our scarves feature a single embroidery at the end, there are a few that are a bit more complex.

Marauder’s Map Scarf

This scarf, for instance, is embroidered at one end with the words that activate the Marauder’s Map – “I solemly swear I am up to no good” – and at the other end, the words that close it – “Mischief Managed”. Between the two, the scarf is embroidered for its entire length with footsteps showing the troublemaker’s path through the halls of Hogwarts.

DrNameInfinityDoctor’s Name Infinity Scarf

Most of our scarves are done in the standard style, a long lenght of flannel that one can wrap around their neck with the ends hanging down.  Occasionally, though, a design works well in another style — the infinity scarf. Sewn into a loop of fabric, the infinity scarf can be worn in a variety of ways both for warmth, or as a fashion accessory.

WinterSoldier1The Winter Scarf

This scarf, made in honor of cryogenically frozen soldiers-turned-assassins everywhere is embroidered at one end with a red star. Once it has been assembled, it is embroidred down its entire length with the kind of black geometric lines found on the Winter Soldier’s arm, so that they show on both sides of the scarf.

Harley Quinn Scarf

Finally, we come to our Harley Quinn Scarf. Not only is it stitched on both ends with a trio of diamonds, but unlike our other scarves, it’s constructed of two colors of flannel, giving it a unique red and black color scheme unlike any of our other designs.

Harley QuinnOf course, this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to scarves that we make. Visit our website to see the whole selection!


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Happy New Year, everyone!


Aww, look at our cute little Arisia 2013 booth! This year will be EVEN BETTER.

Aww, look at our cute little Arisia 2013 booth! This year will be EVEN BETTER.

The past year was a big one for me, professionally speaking, as Storied Threads saw some major advances, starting with our expansion into the pop culture convention circuit. Arisia in Boston was our toe in the water, and we followed that up with successful runs at ConnectiCon and Rhode Island ComicCon.

All three shows are already on our 2014 calendar, along with Boston ComicCon and, tentatively, SuperMegaFest in Framingham. We’re also planning to return to the Connecticut Renaissance Faire’s spring Robin Hood show and fall Henry VIII show, and to Mutton and Mead.

That’s a busy schedule, right? Well, fortunately, I have a full-time helper in my husband Michael, who left his own job to join Storied Threads. My workload simply got too much for me to handle by myself, and I knew the company couldn’t grow without someone here in the studio on a regular basis. It was a scary move, but the fact this year’s Christmas rush was so much more manageable is proof that it was a good move.

We were able to take advantage of the extra time and give the website a long-overdue overhaul. The old site, which I built myself using the Dreamweaver program, had become outdated, unappealing, and not very functional as a direct sales outlet. We decided to scrap the old site entirely and rebuild it from the ground up using a GoDaddy template. I’m pretty happy with the final result, especially the new store function, which allowed me to re-stock several items I had taken down from the Etsy shop.

One of my goals for 2014 is to transition the pop culture-inspired items completely onto the website shop, and keep the original creations on Etsy. I’ll be using my social media outlets to let everyone know where they can find new products as I roll them out, and older products as they transition off of Etsy.

Speaking of older products, it’s time to wrap up this blog post with my traditional “most popular items of the year” review!


PatchBelieveLast year, my X-Files –inspired “I Want to Believe” patch was my number one seller, with 199 patches sold over the course of 2012. This year, it’s the number one seller again, and in 2013 we sold more than 260 of them! I don’t know why this patch has consistently been my top seller, but I’m not complaining, and maybe in 2014 we’ll break the 300 mark!

The rest of the top ten best sellers are:

2) The TARDIS door sign
3) The TARDIS police call box sign
4) Don’t Panic – inspired by Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
5) The TARDIS St. John’s Ambulance seal
6) The Plague Survivor Geek Merit Badge
7) The anti-demonic possession tattoo from Supernatural
8) The Mad Scientist Geek Merit Badge
9) Heart containers, inspired by the Legend of Zelda video game series
10) The Whovian Awareness Ribbon, the patch that started it all!



ScarfWinterGrey1Appropriately, the Winter is Coming design, inspired by A Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire, is the top-selling scarf of the year. The rest of the top five are…

2) The Supernatural tattoo
3) The Doctor’s name in circular Gallifreyan
4) The Stuttgart scarf, based on the scarf worn by Tom Hiddleston as Loki in The Avengers (available only at cons)
5) Loki’s Helm







MBagDoctorsName1The top design for all three models – the small messenger bag, the tablet-sized bag, and the laptop-sized bag – was the Doctor’s name. The Loki’s Army design was the second-best seller for the small messenger bags; the Iron Man-inspired “Following’s Really Not My Style” design, with the glow-in-the-dark arc reactor, was the number two tablet bag; and the crack in time and space from Doctor Who, which also glows, was the second-best-selling laptop bag.

We have a lot of new designs in mind for all our products, so stay tuned throughout 2014, and as always, we welcome requests and custom orders!

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