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octopus-fabricThis week we’re adding a new design to our Spoonflower shop, based on our Kawaii Octopus patch.

Available in a variety of fabric types, the Kawaii Octopus (also known as the Happy Deep Sea Octopus) features, as the name indicates, a happy octopus rendered in bright orange floating peacefully on a sea-blue background.

The Kawaii Octopus fabric begins at $17.50 a yard for basic cotton.


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Photo by Lauren Dubois.

For my latest Spoonflower fabric, I wanted to do something other than a basic circle skirt for my project photo. I decided to do a simple jersey cotton dress, found myself a pattern to use, and set to work cutting out the pieces — only to discover halfway through that I’d laid the pattern out wrong, and all of my lovely trees were upside down.

I’m not going to lie — there was a lot of swearing, and I may have hurled the now useless fabric against the wall and quit for the day.

Two days later, I got over myself and ordered two more yards of Cotton Spandex Jersey from Spoonflower. And two days after that, I realized that as it would be well into autumn by the time I finally got this summer dress made and photographed, I could use some of the old fabric (which was still in a pile in the corner of my studio) to make some cozy matching armwarmers.

yggdrasilrb3The print was quite large on this fabric, which is great for a dress or other large product. But I wanted to make sure the pattern was versatile, so I’ve also made available a smaller version, at about half the size of the original. This photo shows a swatch of the smaller fabric overlaid on the dress I made of the original, for comparison.

Both fabric patterns can be found in my growing selection of prints in my Spoonflower shop. Keep an eye out, as I continue to add more!


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yggdrasilrb1Our latest Spoonflower fabric, based on our Yggdrasil design, is now available! I will hopefully have a project photo for you in the next week or two, using this wonderful cotton knit, but I was too excited by its arrival in this morning’s mail to not share!

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DoubleHelixSpoonflowerOur latest fabric design is now available at Spoonflower! These colorful double helixes run in a continuous stripe down the length of the fabric on a gray background. The stripes are pretty wide, to show off their geeky nature.

The fabric shown here is Spoonflower’s Basic Cotton, but the design is available in a wide variety of fabric types to meet every project’s needs.

This is our second design at Spoonflower, and we plan to build up to a solid line of fabrics as time goes on. Keep an eye out here or on our social media for more announcements!

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2016-07-31 18.16.53-1

This gratuitous picture of Beatrix and Pippen is just here to catch your attention.

First and most importantly, we want to let everyone know that we are NOT going out of business. Storied Threads expects to remain in business for many years to come.

However, we are making significant changes to our business model. First, we are taking an indefinite hiatus from doing shows, including all pop culture conventions, once we have concluded our 2016 season.

The New England con circuit has grown a lot in the past few years, but we’ve learned that this is not a good thing. The region has become glutted with cons and these shows are tapping the same limited audience pool. We did more shows this year, which meant increasing our expenses and our workload, only to make the same revenue as in 2015. That simply isn’t sustainable.

This all fed into the other major factor in our decision. Running a small business is extremely stressful, and that stress has taken a toll on me emotionally. As much as I love my business and as proud as I am in all the work I’ve put into it, I realize that in order to keep it alive long-term, I need to step back from it a little.

So, beginning in 2017, Storied Threads will be an online-only business. We will continue to sell our products through our website and Etsy shop, we will continue to design new items, and we will continue to maintain and develop our shops at Redbubble and at Spoonflower. But moving to an online-only model means we only have to make items as they are ordered, which will greatly reduce my time in the studio. I will still manage Storied Threads and handle merchandise construction and design, while my husband will take over many day-to-day aspects of the business, leaving me free to pursue other opportunities.

This wasn’t an easy decision. The notion of simply reducing my commitment to my business often felt like I was failing or giving up, but ultimately I decided that this new approach would best balance my desire to maintain Storied Threads with the need to care for my emotional health.

Thank you to everyone to has supported me in this endeavor, and hopefully the day will come when I can return to Storied Threads on a full-time basis. Until then, please keep up with us on our social media accounts, where we will continue to keep you up to date on all of our activity, sales, and new items!

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DoubleHelixShow off your science side with this colorful double helix patch!

It’s been a while since we did a science inspired design, and we decided it was time to correct that with a bright double helix. The cool thing about it is that it lends itself perfectly to geeky stripes. Not only is it available as a patch on our website, it’s also available on striped clothing and accessories at Redbubble, and will soon be available as a striped fabric at Spoonflower.

I haven’t yet had a chance to order my Spoonflower sample and do a project with it to share with you. So until then, here is a sample image from their website of how the fabric will look.

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SpoonflowerOttersWe recently introduced to you all our Kawaii Otters design, and one person commented that it would make a great summer dress.  It got us to thinking — what if we offered a selection of our designs as fabric available at Spoonflower?

The Kawaii Otters is the first of what we hope will become a successful line of fabrics.  It will take us a while to get a more complete selection up for two reasons.

First, we want to make sure that we choose only designs that lend themselves very well to the repeat pattern necessary for a fabric.  The otters, for example, have a great flow to them when repeated, becoming almost a Kawaii paisley.  We want to make sure that any fabrics we offer work just as well.

Second, Spoonflower’s policy is that fabrics cannot be made available to the public until the artist has purchased some of it themselves, as a physical proof that it prints well.  This is a great rule for quality control, but it does mean that I can’t just roll out 10 designs all at once — I need to wait until I can afford them!

OttersFabricThe otters fabric prints with a bit less saturation of color than it appears in the Spoonflower image — but I’ve found this to be true of their fabrics in general, at least in the basic cottons. I love the way the otters look against their blue water background, and made a skirt out of my sample yard to show how the fabric will look in practice.

You can purchase our Kawaii Paisley Ottters fabric on Spoonflower now.

Any other Storied Threads designs you’d love to see as fabric? Let us know!


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