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In celebration of what’s become for geeks an unofficial holiday, we’re presenting some sci-fi movie-inspired designs, and of course we have to begin with our Star Wars-inspired “Stay on Target” patch ($8). It’s sound advice, for life in general and for targeting massive space stations of staggering destructive power.

Our Star Trek-inspired Away Team bags have been popular items since we introduced them, and we have a few left over from our 2017 show run, so they’re on-hand and ready to ship! They’re available in messenger ($34), tablet¬†($49), and laptop ($54) sizes, in classic ST gold, blue, or red, with embroidery for command, science, medical, engineering, and security. Although we default to Original Series color/department pairings, we can easily adjust them for Next Generation fans.




H.G. Wells’ classic War of the Worlds has been adapted into two major motion pictures (we like the older version better), a handful of loosely inspired low-budget movies, a TV show, comic books, and now into an embroidered bookmark ($10)! The design depicts one of the Martian tripods looming over the city, bathing it in the beam of its devastating heat ray.


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Stay On TargetSo….there’s this little movie coming out next week that I guess some people are excited about. It’s called “The Force Awakens”. ¬†Probably one or two of you are planning to see it?

With that in mind, we’ve decided to re-share with you our Stay on Target patch! It’s the only Star Wars inspired piece in our shop — at least for the moment! It’s a small patch, measuring 3″ wide by almost 2″ tall, and stitched on black cotton canvas.

Like it? Click here to buy one!

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