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Spending the month at the Connecticut Renaissance FaireConnecticut Renaissance Faire hanging out with Shakespeare Approves has made the choice of themes for this Thursday an easy one!

Though She Be LittleThough She Be But Little, She Is Fierce Patch

O, when she’s angry, she is keen and shrewd!
She was a vixen when she went to school;
And though she be but little, she is fierce.

This patch is easily our best selling Shakespeare design. People either seem to identify with the quote, or else they know somebody it embodies perfectly!

This sew-on patch is stitched in dark brown thread on unbleached cotton canvas and measures 3″ in diameter.

henryvtablet4Henry V Tablet Messenger Bag

I see you stand like greyhounds in the slips,
Straining upon the start. The game’s afoot:
Follow your spirit, and upon this charge
Cry, ‘God for Harry, England, and Saint George!’ 

The bag depicts a minimalist version of Tom Hiddleston’s Henry V, as portrayed in “The Hollow Crown”, and is stitched on off white cotton canvas with contrasting black strapping.

I love this design so much that this is actually my own laptop bag shown here. (My laptop is a Surface Pro 3, so it’s pretty small and fits perfectly in the tablet bags I make!)

Exit1Exit, Pursued by a Bear Bookmark

Possibly the best stage direction ever written comes from Shakespeare’s “A Winter’s Tale”. In Act II, Scene iii, the direction simply reads, “Exit, pursued by a bear”.

This bookmark is embroidered in dark brown thread on off white cotton canvas.

The great thing about our embroidered bookmarks — besides just being awesome bookmarks — is that are still fully funcional as sew-on patches, too! Use it to hold your place in your favorite novel, or sew it on a bag or jacket to show your literary loves to the world.

If you’re a lover of the Bard, head on over to the Shakespeare section of our website! Don’t see your favorite quote? Shoot us a message and let us know!



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With our summer conventions behind us, we’re now gearing up for our last ever Connecticut Renaissance Faire. With that in mind, I thought this week I’d spotlight some of our patches inspired by history.

boleynAnn Boleyn’s Necklace Patch

Anne Boleyn’s classic “B” necklace is embroidered here, with blood dripping from the center pearl, foreshadowing her eventual beheading by Henry VIII as he clears the way for his next wife, Jane Seymour.

Ann’s daughter, Queen Elizabeth I, reigns at the Connecticut Renaissance Faire now, and so this patch seems especially appropriate to highlight as we head into that show.

You can also purchase this design on products in our Redbubble shop.

Equally relevant, coming from Elizabeth’s ancestry through her father, Henry VIII, is our next design.

tudor-roseTudor Rose Embroidery

In 1485, Henry Tudor defeated King Richard III in battle, thus ending the War of the Roses. As King Henry VII, he married Elizabeth of York, and symbolically combined the red rose of Lancaster and the white rose of York into one sigil — the Tudor Rose.

We have made this design available not only on the scarves pictured here, but also on patches and messenger bags. It’s a great way to show of the history nerd in you, using a design that is timeless in its beauty.

Like Ann Boleyn’s necklace, the Tudor Rose is available on a variety of items in our Redbubble shop.

richard-iiiRichard III, No Parking Patch

Show the king some respect, and move your damn car!

This design is one of our best selling historically themed patches. Inspired by the excavation that found King Richard IIII’s lost body buried under a car park several years ago, it continues to send those who get the joke into fits of laughter when they see it.

As with the others on this list, of course, this design is also available at Redbubble.

You can shop our full History section on our website, or join us at the Connecticut Renaissance Faire every weekend in October to shop not only with us, but with all of the other wonderful merchants who will be there.



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It’s September, and while I know I could still be disappointed by some stupidly hot days, autumn is imminent! While we don’t have any designs that are specifically tagged “autumn”, we do have some that make me think of this, the best of all seasons. So here they are!

Leaf on the WindI am a Leaf on the Wind PatchI am a Leaf on the Wind Patch

Fun fact: “I am a leaf on the wind, watch how I soar” was a mantra used by kamikaze pilots in World War II. They would use it to calm themselves as they made their final flights, heading towards certain death. Cool, huh?

Oh, and, you know. Wash.

Hugin_MuninHugin and Munin

Although ravens are not truly creatures that exits only in the fall, they do make me think of the season anyway. I associate them with crunching leaves, crisp breezes, and – of course – cemeteries.

Odin’s ravens, Hugin and Munin (meaning “thought” and “memory”) are charged with bringing him information from all over Midgard.  Our interpretation of the ravens are shown perched on opposite ends of a branch, in pseudo-playing card style.

Fun fact: This patch is based on photos I took of ravens in the Tower of London. They made great models. And ravens are much bigger than I ever knew!

BabyGhostAdorable Glow-in-the-Dark Boo! Ghost

With autumn, of course, comes Halloween. And what is more perfect for Halloween (or for your everyday spooky sensibilities) than this adorable ghost? It is trying hard to scare you, but just can’t quite pull it off. Some things are just too cute to be scary.

Happy autumn, everybody!

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One of our longest running signature lines here at Storied Threads is our Geek Merit Badges. We began this line back in 2011, and have been steadily adding to it over the last five years, until today it contains 42 different designs! 42 seeming like a significant number, I decided to focus todays Theme Thursday post on some of my favorites.

Evil GeniusThe Evil Genius patch features a great piece of art drawn by my husband, Mike.  I had a complex vision in mind when I thought of this, and spent hours drawing this crazy big-headed guy with his breain all exposed and a lopsided grin, but Mike wasn’t a fan. So I asked him what he would draw – and five minutes later, he had this sketch to me rendered mostly in silhouette. It’s much simpler, and yet conveys so much more Evil Genius-ness than mine ever did!

DragonRiderThe Dragon Rider is another of my favorites. It was my first attempt at drawing any kind of animal for our embroidery, and I am pleased with the dragon’s ability to look both appropriately fierce and happy to be spending quality time with his rider. My success with this dragon eventually led me towards our small kawaii line, and even to drawing a full dragon and playing with digital coloring. That last wasn’t any kind of artistic masterpiece, but it was still fun to do!

SuperheroAllI’m proud of our Superhero patch, not only because of the great artwork – again drawn by Mike – but also because of our attempt to introduce diversity. Our superheroes are available as both men and women, and as both Caucasians and people of color.  They’ve gotten a great reception at conventions from people who are both surprised and delighted to find superheroes being portrayed in a variety of ways.

UFOlogistRBAll of our geek merit badges are also available in our Redbubble shop as stickers.  You can purchase them as small as 3″ in diameter, or as large as a whopping 14″ in diameter, and several sizes in between. So if you’re not into stitching onto a jacket or bag, but you are into personalizing your notebooks, laptop, or bedroom walls, we’ve got you covered. In a select few cases, such as theMagician or Steampunk designs, you can even get just the artwork without the text.

CryptozoologistRBAnd a very few of our Geek Merit Badges – specifically the Cryptozoologist and Bibliophile – have even been reworked as non-circular variations that can be purchased on t-shirts, phone cases, and more products from Redbubble.

This is just a small sampling of the Geek Merit Badges we currently offer. Be sure to keep an eye on it as time goes on – we’re not done yet!

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Are you as tired of the US Primary election season as I am? Then why not send a message to the established parties that we’ve had enough by voting for the VERY BEST in the form of Leslie Knope and Ben Wyatt, or the VERY WORST in the form of Harold Saxon?

There’s no ticket like the Knope/Wyatt ticket if you want somebody who will be looking out for your best interests at every turn. And Saxon…well, at least if he’s elected, there’s a solid chance the Doctor will show up to save the day, right?

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PiThis past Monday was Pi day, so it seemed like a good week to spotlight some of our science themed products.

The obvious first choice – our Pi patch!  A favorite especially among math teachers who shop with us, it’s a simply graphic design of the Pi symbol, stitched on light blue cotton canvas.

As with all of our science-themed products, you can find this patch in both our Etsy shop, and in the Science section of our website.

TeslaTablet2Everybody knows that Nikola Tesla was awesome, and that the Tesla coils are one of the coolest pieces of science out there, at least from a purely visual perspective. This design bears a pair of Tesla coils with glow-in-the-dark lightning arcing between them on black cotton canvas.

Our Tesla Coils design is available both as a patch, and on bags in multiple sizes.

Schrodinger AliveYou know all about Schrodinger’s Cat. A cat, unobserved in a sealed box, is both alive and dead at the same time — until you open the box, and observe him, in which case he becomes merely one or the other.

So it is with this patch. Your Schrodinger’s Cat patch is alive. And it is dead. And until you open your package, you won’t know which patch you receive — until then, it exists in a state of both patches.

In other words, when you order this item, I will choose at random whether you receive a “Schrodinger’s Cat is alive” patch or a “Schrodinger’s Cat is dead” patch; you cannot specify which version you receive.

Mad ScientistWe also have a couple of science themed designs in our Geek Merit Badge line – including this Mad Scientist patch. It’s one of the first patches we created for that line, and has been consistently in our top sellers ever since. I’m always amused when I get an order for them from people who tell me they plan to wear it on their lab coat at wok!

So happy Pi Day everybody! Now go forth, and do science!

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