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FunkyPantsMoving to our new home and new studio has meant adjusting to a smaller space. Part of what this means is that I no longer have as much space to store random pieces of fabric without specific purpose. So, I have set myself a goal of using up as much of this fabric as I can before I’m allowed to go out and buy more. I’ll make skirts, pants, shirts, hoods, hats, whatever the fabric works for.

To that end, I decided it was finally time to use this piece of gorgeous black embroidered linen from Thailand. It’s been sitting in my fabric stash for YEARS while I waffled over what to use it for. I couldn’t cut it like other fabrics, with the way it was embroidered, and I didn’t have very much of it.

Yesterday, I finally bit the bullet and decided it needed to be a pair of wide-legged pants, and here they are!  It’s not the kind of thing I normally make, but I think it was the best solution for this material.  They have an elastic waist and will comfortably fit somebody with a waist measurement of 30″ to 32″. Even better if you have a slender build, like my mannequin wearing them here.  They’ll be available at the Connecticut Robin Hood Festival in a few weeks for $40 — unless somebody reading this just can’t bear the thought of not owning them, and asks for me to ship them to them sooner, of course.

Also a result of moving? Still figuring out the best place to get good, well-lit pictures in the new place. So….sorry for the sort of weird lighting there, I’ll do better next time, I promise!


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