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The shady lane that Storied Threads will call home this Columbus Day weekend.

At the end of 2016, I hung up my vendor hat, and resolved to simply sell online. I got a fantastic new job at The Hanover Theatre for the Performing Arts, and let Storied Threads become a side gig again.

It was a good choice. It relieved a lot of stress I’d been under, and I’ve been very happy with the ways in which my life has improved.

The one thing I’m not happy with is the several bins of leftover stock still sitting in a closet in my house. So, when The Connecticut Renaissance Faire realized that their new site allowed for one-weekend pop-up vendors, I decided to dust off that vendor hat and give it one more go!

For three days this coming weekend, October 7 – 9, I will be selling patches, bags, scarves, headbands, and anything else I find lurking in that closet out of a lovely, shady booth at the Faire! Many of the items will be marked down well below their full online price, and we’ll also have items that have been discontinued or were never available online, such as head bows and bow ties. Come check us out and shop with us in person – one last time!


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2015-07-10 11.49

Our 2015 ConnectiCon booth

What: ConectiCon
When: July 8 – 10
Where: Connecticut Convention Center, Hartford, CT

This will be our fourth year vending at ConnectiCon, as it was one of the first shows we added to our roster back in 2013. The people there have always been fun and welcoming, and I’m very excited to be heading back there this weekend!

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2015-05-25 10.59.11-1

Kate and I in front of our tent at the Robin Hood Springtime Festival on Memorial Day 2015

What: Robin Hood Springtime Festival
When: Weekends, May 21 – June 5, including Memorial Day
Where: North Haven Fairgrounds, North Haven, CT

I am very excited to be going back to the Robin Hood Springtime Festival in a couple of weeks! When we changed our business model last fall to eliminate the garb we had been selling, I was prepared to accept that that would mean losing our space at this event. Happily, when I spoke to the owners, they were very willing to work with me to find a way to let me still be a part of the show while selling only my embroidered and geek inspired goods. This year, I’ll even have things like neckties and hair bows at Robin Hood for the first time!

Renaissance Faires are where I began as a vendor, and so they have a special place in my heart. I love the friendships and community that are a part of doing a show that lasts for several weeks in a row, and I love the opportunity to costume myself for the event.  The picture above was meant to be my Captain America cosplay, but when the weather proved too warm for long sleeves and a jacket, I decided that a blue skirt and my red and white striped corset would be just fine on their own — it was Memorial Day, after all!

The Robin Hood Festival also has a series of themed weekends, which can be fun to play with, both as a vendor and as a patron. Opening weekend is pet weekend, which is always very popular. You can bring your pet with you to the faire, or just come and enjoy that there are so many dogs around. In past years, there has even been an animal rescue set up, with dogs looking for their forever home.

Memorial Day Weekend is a new theme for the show this year — Wizards Weekend! I’m especially excited for this theme, and am already plotting out three days’ worth of outfits that will show my Ravenclaw pride. And Kate let me know that she’s just ordered her Slytherin robes, so Storied Threads will be in full theme weekend swing for this one!

The third and final weekend will be themed Bromance and Brew which….I guess has guys and beer? I admit, I’m not as clear on this one as the others. But there is a Babes in Bodices contest on Saturday, and a Men in Kilts contest on Saturday, so come on down, grab a beer, and cheer for your favorite cleavage and/or calves!

This show is going to be a lot of fun – I hope to see you there!

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The Storied Threads booth at SMF last November

What: Super Megafest Comic Con
When: April 8 – 10, 2016
Where:Royal Plaza Trade Center, Marlborough, MA

We’ve vended at Super Megafest’s autumn show for the last two years, but their spring event is a new one for our schedule.  While this is only the event’s second year, we heard really good things about it from folks who attended last spring, and are looking forward to being there ourselves this year. We’re also very much looking forward to finally getting our convention season started — it’s a mighty long stretch from Arisia in January to this event in April! It’s great to have time to produce a lot of stock, but it’ll be even better to get out of the studio and see all of you good people again!

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That’s me on the left, and Tori on the right, rocking some of my garb. Photo by Eric Tetreult.

Way back in 2010, the Connecticut Renaissance Faire decided, for the first time, to do a show in the spring.  It was early days for Storied Threads. We were still selling out of an EZ-Up style tent, and hadn’t yet upgraded to a proper medieval pavillion.  I didn’t yet have an embroidery machine. Kate was not yet my fabulous assistant. And my sister Tori, who’s not really a ren faire kind of person, decided to come up one weekend and be my minion.


Photo by Eric Tetreult.

I was looking for pictures for some Etsy listings the other day, and I came across these photos from that weekend.  They made me smile to see, and since I’d been struggling for a Flashback Friday topic for this week — decided to share them here! I love this second picture because it LOOKS like Tori is being all kind of sexy and posing for the camera…when in fact, she is LITERALLY holding our tent down on the ground. The wind was so bad at this show that it was the one that made me decide the time had come to ditch the EZ-Up and get a real tent. But the circumstances made for a great picture!

I had a great time working with Tori that weekend, depiste the weather trying to tear us down, both literally and metaphorically, and I’m really glad to have stumbled across these pictures.

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2013-01-20 10.03.38

2014-11-01 09.07.12

Oh, my, how things have grown for Storied Threads! The photo on the top here is from Arisia 2013 — my very first convention. Look at that adorable little baby space! It’s so tiny, and not even full! How did I even make money that year? I had practically nothing to sell!

For comparison, the bottom picture is my space at Rhode Island Comic Con this past November. Significantly larger, and with SO MUCH MORE stock to sell. I even had need for an extra minion!

Hopefully, my space at Arisia next weekend will be much more like this second picture — I have purchased two tables, so it will be nice and large, giving me tons of room to spread out my plentiful stock.

Speaking of plentiful stock….I should probably go make some more bags now, yes? Yes.

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It’s true — after months of talking about it and then not DOING anything, I’ve begun a blog for Storied Threads.  Eventually, when the new website is launched, I hope to have this content show up on the main page, so that when you visit the site, there will be new stuff to read. Information about shows I’m vending, projects I’m working on, fun outfit ideas, all sorts of things.  If I do my job right, the blog will get updated once a week — but that will definitely take effort on my part.

Right now at Storied Threads, things are going pretty well. I spent all of November and December working on commissions — I got a LOT of them during the run of the Connecticut Renaissance Faire! Now that it’s January, I’ve taken a break from commissions to start building up stock for Birka, which I’ll be vending at January 28 and 29.  I’m trying to focus on things that are thematically appropriate for the event — so far, I’ve built pick-up skirts and fur-lined Barbarossa Hats.  I’d like to get some sideless surcoats and arming caps done as well, for certain.  I’ll save the piratey things for later in the year!

I’m also, as I mentioned, working on re-designing the site. What I have now worked great, when I started this business four years ago. (Ye gods, has it really been four years?!?)  But I’ve added a lot of products and little nibbly bits, and now it just feels cluttered to me. It’s time for an overhaul. So, I’m learning all about Dreamweaver and CSS as I go along, and figuring out how to lay out a lovely site that will be easy for me to maintain, and easy for you all to shop at.  Stuff will be organized differently — first by period, rather than gender — and I’m installing a proper shopping cart, which is VERY exciting to me. I hope you all like the end result!

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