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My friend Whitney Avalon has been making these amazing Princess Rap Battles for a couple of years now. Every one of them is great fun to watch, but in honor of the Robin Hood Festival’s upcoming Wizarding Weekend, I thought I’d share this one. Starring Whitney Avalon as Katniss, and Molly C. Quinn as Hermione Granger.


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2016-04-09 09.32.08

My Ravenclaw outfit from Super MegaFest earlier this year.

As you probably know by now, I’m in the midst of selling at the Robin Hood Springtime Festival in North Haven, CT.  This coming weekend is Wizards Weekend, which I’m really excited for! Kate and I have our Hogwarts house robes ready to go, and are planning the outfits to go with them. We have our wands. And we have a tent full of magical items ready to sell.

And the other day, I was asked to co-host the Harry Potter Cosplay Contests this weekend! I’m not sure yet who my co-host will be, but I’m very excited to be a part of this special event.  There will be a contest each day (Saturday, Sunday, and Memorial Day Monday) at 4:30, and prizes will be awarded for three different age groups.

So come visit, and put on your best Hogwarts outfit! Come as Harry, Dumbledore, Madam Hooch, or your own interpretation of any of the Houses — this is a genre wide open for fun costuming!

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Tudor Rose 1In 1485, Henry Tudor defeated King Richard III in battle, thus ending the War of the Roses. As King Henry VII, he married Elizabeth of York, and symbolically combined the red rose of Lancaster and the white rose of York into one sigil — the Tudor Rose.

Our small messenger bags are the perfect size for carrying just what you need — wallet, keys, phone, and even a book. They have one compartment inside, which measures 10.5″ wide by 6″ tall by 2″ deep, and fasten securely with two adjustable plastic side-release buckles. Straps are 4 feet long.

This bag is available in our Etsy shop, and on our website.

Click here to buy one!

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Even Captain Picard and the crew of the Enterprise are getting in the spirit for this weekend’s Robin Hood Springtime Festival!

Well, except for Worf. Worf is not a Merry Man.

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The Robin Hood Springtime Festival opens in just two days, you guys! In celebration, our theme for this Thursday will be a medieval one.

Lion RampantLion Rampant Patch

This patch features one of the most popular medieval heraldic devices – a lion rampant. We’ve stitched the lion in gold with a red tongue on a black field.  Or, to put that properly in the language of heraldry: Sable, lion rampant or, langue gules.

We’ve made this design is available in two sizes – our standard small shield patch, or in a large size patch suitable for the back of a jacket, or for the front of a knight’s surcoat.

Of course, every knight needs a great leader, which leads us to…

Richard IIIRichard III Patch

Alright, maybe he was only a good leader. Well, he was okay. Sadly, in the end, Richard III was killed in battle, his body dragged off and buried by his enemies who knows where.

Wait, we DO know where! Under a car park, recently discovered, identified, and re-interred with respect at Leicester Cathedral.

You can still buy our No Parkyng patch even though he’s no longer there, though. because let’s be honest – it’s just funny.

You can also purchase the design in our Redbubble shop, available on a variety of products from t-shirts to stickers to travel mugs.

Tudor RoseTudor Rose

Okay, technically this design is Tudor, and not medieval. But since it was Henry VII who defeated Richard III and adopted this as his house sigil, it seems like a pretty fine line to me.

Our embroidered Tudor Rose is available as a patch, on a scarf, or on any of our messenger size bags, so it really gets around. You know — like Henry VIII did.

It’s also available in our Redbubble shop on — you guessed it! — a wide variety of products.

We will have all of these designs – and so much more! – available for sale at the Robin Hood Springtime Festival. The show runs for three weekends, so if you’re in the area, stop on by!

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Potion_AllFeeling a little run down? Low on energy? Not strong enough? Need to recover from an injury, and FAST? We’ve got a potion for that.

This design is available as a patch in our Etsy shop and on our website, where you can order it in your choice of red, blue, or green.

It is also available in our Redbubble shop as a collage of all three colors, available on a wide array of products from stickers to throw pillows to duvet covers.


Need a thematically appropriate dice bag? Our Redbubble shop can now provide that!

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